Sarah Ferguson gives update on the Queen's corgis

Sarah Ferguson has given an update on the Queen's corgis on Monday.

Video transcript

SARAH FERGUSON: There's now seven dogs-- five Norfolks and two corgis.

- Wow.

SARAH FERGUSON: And-- and the Norfolks tend to be a little territorial with the corgis. And the corgis are bigger. So there's a few punch ups.

- Right.

SARAH FERGUSON: Regular punch ups.

- But they're fine.

SARAH FERGUSON: But they're very fine. And what I do is-- I remember the queen used to break a little digestive [INAUDIBLE].

- Oh.

SARAH FERGUSON: And she used to break it like that. And then when I break it, they come running. Because they can remember the noise.

- They remember.

SARAH FERGUSON: And her little hands used to do this. And then, it was so sweet.

- Oh, it's [INAUDIBLE].

SARAH FERGUSON: So I sort of do that ritual.