Sarah Jane Adventures star reprising Doctor Who spin-off role

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Anjli Mohindra is reprising her role from Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures in her own Big Finish audio drama series.

During the original Russell T Davies era, The Sarah Jane Adventures featured the late Elisabeth Sladen's beloved character Sarah Jane Smith solving intergalactic mysteries with some young friends.

Among their group was Rani Chandra, played by future Line of Duty and Vigil actress Anjli Mohindra. The BBC series understandably ended when Sladen passed away, but a decade on, Anjli is returning to the role.

The actress is teaming up with Big Finish for a three-part audio drama series, Rani Takes on the World: Beyond Bannerman Road, subtitled for the street where Sarah Jane used to live.

The full-cast drama also brings back Mina Anwar as Rani's mum, Gita Chandra, for a wedding-themed episode and Daniel Anthony as Rani's childhood best mate / love interest Clyde Langer for two stories.

"There's something so ingrained in me playing this character that has made it all slide straight into place. But also, reprising the role of Rani in 2020 for [Doctor Who Lockdown story] Farewell, Sarah Jane was a real springboard into this. Rani is such a part of me and who I am, and I'm a part of Rani, that it just happened naturally," Anjli Mohindra said.

"I think it's gorgeous because you feel like Sarah Jane is very much a part of it and of who Rani has become later on in life. They still hold onto the life that they all shared together and the love and respect. 'What would [Sarah Jane] do in this situation?' is very much there in the background. I think this is a lovely tribute but also a lovely continuation of her work."

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Fans can pre-order Rani Takes on the World: Beyond Bannerman Road for £19.99 as a CD or Digital Download for £16.99, or download both the first and second series bundle here.

Mohindra recently returned to the role in audio form as well as for the BBC podcast series Doctor Who: Redacted, in which Rani helped a group of university students solve a mystery involving The Doctor.

Doctor Who's next special premieres in October 2022 on BBC One in the UK. In the US, the show airs on BBC America, with series 1-12 available on HBO Max.

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