SAS Rogue Heroes splits opinion over swearing and loud music

SAS Rogue Heroes,30-10-2022,1,(L-R);Jock Lewes (ALFIE ALLEN);Reg Seekings (THEO BARKLEM-BIGGS),Kudos,Rory Mulvey
SAS Rogue Heroes has split opinion. (BBC)

BBC One's major new drama series SAS Rogue Heroes has split viewers into those who think the concept is brilliant, and those who hated the swearing and loud music.

Opinion on the adaptation of Ben Macintyre's book of the same name appeared to be divided into two camps after the first episode, which aired on Sunday night.

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Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight wrote the adaptation of the story about how the SAS was created and the soldiers who took part in its first covert operations.

He said: "To create a drama from this amazing story I had to sculpt a world where things are a little bit heightened, much like how war and the absurdity of it heightens every emotion.

SAS Rogue Heroes,30-10-2022,Ep1,1,David Stirling (CONNOR SWINDELLS),Kudos,Rory Mulvey
Connor Swindells stars in the series about the creation of the SAS. (BBC)

"Bringing characters to life to inhabit this world, especially ones that are not archetypical heroes, was made so much easier by leaning on the facts and the truths.

"A more conventional approach would have been to simply focus on success upon success, but these are real men with real flaws who made mistakes along their paths to victories."

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But many viewers aired their complaints about the strong language and modern music, with one person tweeting: "Crashingly loud music. Turn sound down. Mumble, mumble. Turn sound up. Repeat. Repeat."

Someone else wrote: "5 minutes into #SASRogueHeroes on #BBCOne and predictably dreadful 21st century language and music is promising to ruin a potentially brilliant show. Bad."

SAS Rogue Heroes,13-11-2022,Ep3,3,David Stirling (CONNOR SWINDELLS),Kudos,Robert Viglasky
Some viewers complained about swearing and loud music. (BBC)

Another viewer complained: "While the casting is good and the stories are based in truth I doubt the actual #SASRogueHeroes were this insufferable. And engaged in such cringeworthy dialogue."

The criticism continued, as one person tweeted: "This is so desperately trying to be cool. It’s like an awful early 2000’s movie."

Someone else commented: "Just as I start to think #SASRogueHeroes is becoming watchable they throw in another cliched caricature of character in there! And what’s with all the American rock FFS?!"

Another person wrote: "This #SASRogueHeroes thing turns a truly amazing, unique story into a paint by numbers yarn they think needs to be made more accessible by music video editing and a leaden, predictable script written for 12 year old boys. What a waste."

SAS Rogue Heroes,20-11-2022,Ep4,4,(L-R);David Stirling (CONNOR SWINDELLS);Eve (SOFIA BOUTELLA),Kudos,Robert Viglasky
Other viewers loved the modern take on the story. (BBC)

However, there were plenty of viewers who loved it and thought it had been misunderstood.

One person tweeted: "This is really good, if you don't like it just watch Dads Army."

Someone else wrote: "Whatever happens in #SASRogueHeroes having AC/DC in the soundtrack has made it 10x better."

Another person commented: "People moaning already, we have 6 episodes, so let them tell the story."

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Jack O'Connell and Connor Swindells star. (BBC)

One viewer offered an explanation for the modern music choice, tweeting: "Just watched #SASRogueHeroes and my jaw dropped as my very run of the mill father said 'evidently, the creators have chosen modern music when the soldiers are in the desert to show that they were ahead of their time compared to the old time music in the camp.'"

Someone else tweeted: "People should chill out, it’s not a documentary and it was thoroughly enjoyable."

Another person wrote: "Theres alot of backlash about the swearing. If I were in their shoes, I'd be swearing alot too. If you want precise, historical facts, go to the library. This is entertainment based on events (and I'm sure some facts,evidence etc) It's a different thing, enjoy."

SAS Rogue Heroes continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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