Sasha Colby is the blueprint for everything the LGBTQ+ community stands for

Sasha Colby RuPaul's Drag Race Pride
Sasha Colby RuPaul's Drag Race Pride

They don't call Sasha Colby a goddess for no reason.

When people think of Colby, their minds immediately turn to her mesmerizing lip syncs, breathtakingly gorgeous looks, contagious laugh, and iconic titles including Miss Continental and winner of RuPaul's Drag Race season 15.

While her beauty, talents and success all stand on their own, anyone who personally knows Colby is well aware that her kind nature and humility has helped her achieve all of the dreams she's had since a young age. Growing up as the youngest of seven kids in a conservative Jehovah's Witness household, this queen kicked off her inspiring journey once she began her transition as a teenager.

Sasha Colby
Sasha Colby

Preston Meneses

Colby's determination to stay true to her authentic self has not only opened countless amounts of doors personally and professionally, but it's resulted in her shattering glass ceilings and inspiring people around the globe. "Every trans person I meet has had sort of connection. It's really beautiful to connect with a lot of trans kids and trans people who are at really dark places in their lives. The feedback has been wonderful. It seriously means the world to me," Colby tells PRIDE.

Pride is more crucial than ever this year and leaders like Colby are paving the way for many closeted individuals to find the courage to eventually live their lives as openly as possible.

As a queen who's even brought her queer joy to places like The White House, this Hawaii native is using her voice to let everyone know that the LGBTQ+ community is only getting stronger. "People are actively trying to make us not proud of who we are. Drag is a protest. To have queer power and strength amidst all of this hatred is the one little piece of power that we do have. It feels like the '60s. We need to rise up. That's what Pride is, right? Just leveling up for the better of everyone."

Preston Meneses

Colby is the definition of an activist who puts her money where her mouth is... or on her butt cheeks, if you've seen one of her recent sickening performances on her majorly successful Stripped Tour.

The performer has represented her home state of Hawaii in GLAAD campaigns, helped register voters in the 2020 election, and even created a monthly trans-inclusive event at The Chapel, a super popular gay bar in West Hollywood.

Plus, she's one of the only trans women in the world to headline her very own tour, which has created unprecedented forms of representation for many in the LGBTQ+ family. "Every drag queen would love to have a stage in a space where they can take the audience into their world. The reception has been incredible in each city. We're already talking about bringing Stripped back in 2025," she reveals.

Her show isn't just the glamour you see on stage, but is more profoundly meaningful for the drag artist. "It broke through a lot of trauma and it was physically and emotionally exhausting, yet exhilarating for me."

Preston Meneses

That hard work and vulnerability is paying off not only personally for Colby, but professionally as well. Somehow she keeps finding ways to make her star rise higher as this queen's world domination continues to gain momentum.

Pride Month has officially begun and Colby is booked up all year long with numerous exciting gigs and thrilling business ventures with her ponytail line Sasha Colby Hair expanding.

"I am going to be so proud at every airport all over the country," she jokes. "I am going to love every single gate and every single connection flight! We’re working on some other fun different hair avenues to really broaden the Sasha Colby Hair experience. We are possibly working on some projects that hopefully I'll be able to share with you soon, but I am actually going on tour in September to the UK."

Preston Meneses

Many people may just see Colby as the powerhouse woman and entertainer that she's become today, but like everyone, her humble beginnings helped launch her into stardom.

Colby's transition definitely had its bumps and challenges, similar to many queer people. However, her life experiences have opened her mind to the endless possibilities that await her. As a result, her positive mentality and loving personality effortlessly radiates off of her.

By navigating her own path of self-love and acceptance, the queen has created bonds with people who have similar traumas or life experiences that have helped her realize that she's never alone.

"Love is so multifaceted. You can't rely on love from just one person. You have a village that loves you. I have love for all my friends and some of those are even stronger than than the love that I would have romantically, because it's something that's really seen through your soul. I'm technically pan. I just look at the soul. When we find a really good tribe and family, it really means a lot to us."

Preston Meneses

There's truly no better person to embody everything a Grand Marshal has to offer for Pride 2024 and the LGBTQ+ community overall, which is something Colby certainly doesn't take lightly.

"It's literally an honor to be able to be the first Grand Marshal of PRIDE and really usher in a great Pride season for 2024. It is an honor, especially in such crazy times to be hopefully a grounding, thoughtful, and meaningful representative of Pride this year. Let's have a great season!"

Watch PRIDE's full Grand Marshal interview with Sasha Colby below.

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