Satellite Imagery Shows Construction of 'Buffer Zone' Along Gaza-Egypt Border

New satellite imagery released by Maxar Technologies shows the construction of a “walled-off buffer zone” on the Egypt-Gaza border, the company told Storyful.

Maxar said the images, captured via satellite, show “the buffer zone construction activity as well as the humanitarian aid trucks waiting near Gaza.”

“The buffer zone area currently includes nearly 16.5 square kilometers [6.37 sq miles] of land that has been cleared/scraped by earth-moving construction equipment as well as the building of a perimeter wall that is in the mid-to-late stages of construction,” Maxar told Storyful.

Footage from the Sinai Human Rights Foundation is described as shows the beginning of “the process of preparing the soil to place the wall.”

The foundation added that this “isolated area surrounded by walls” was constructed near the Gaza border “with the aim of receiving refugees in the event of a mass exodus.”

According to the foundation, the governor of North Sinai denied that Egyptian authorities were constructing a security buffer zone. Credit: ©2024 Maxar Technologies via Storyful

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