Satellite Images Show Bomber Aviation Unit at Russian Airbase Before Explosion

Satellite imagery taken days before an explosion at an airbase in Engels, Russia, on December 5, shows an active bomber aviation unit at the base.

Maxar collected satellite imagery on December 3 and 4 showing activity at and near the Engels airbase, which houses a heavy bomber aviation unit primarily comprised of Tu-95 (Bear) and Tu-60 (Blackjack) bomber aircraft, Maxar said.

The first two images show an overview of the airfield and part of the flight line, while the last two images show flight activity of two Tu-95 bombers, Maxar said.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense said Ukraine carried out strikes at Dyagilevo military base, in the Ryazan region, and Engels airfield, in the Saratov region. As a result of the strikes, three Russian military personnel were killed and two aircraft were damaged.

Russia said it carried out a “massive strike” on Ukrainian military control systems, communication centers, as well as energy and military units on Monday afternoon. Credit: Maxar Technologies via Storyful

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