The SATS questions for 10-year-olds that you might not be able to get right

A pupil at a desk
A pupil at a desk -Credit:PA Archive/PA Images

Primary school students across the nation are preparing to sit their SATs exams this week, with assessments aimed at pupils in Years 2 and 6. These tests, designed for children as young as six, are traditionally held each May.

Despite no longer being mandatory for Key Stage 1 (Year 2), many schools have chosen to continue with them. Year 6 students in Key Stage 2 will also be assessed in maths and English.

SATs have been a source of controversy over the years, with persistent calls from some parents and teachers to scrap the tests. Critics argue that these exams have turned schools into exam factories and have disconnected children from education.

However, the government insists that the 'tests are in pupils' own interests', helping both parents and teachers identify where additional support is needed to 'ensure all children leave primary school having mastered the basics of literacy and numeracy'. In Maths, pupils are evaluated on arithmetic and reasoning, while in English, they are tested on spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

We've put together a selection of English and Maths questions targeted at Year 6 students. These were some of the questions featured in last year's Key Stage 2 tests.

Teachers strive to keep the testing process informal. Papers are not strictly timed and are typically taken in a regular classroom setting or in small groups in KS1, to reduce pressure on the children.

Why not have a go at the questions here?

Don't worry, you don't need to share your results with us (no pressure). However, we've included some multiple-choice answers, even though students don't always have this option.

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