Sausage dog sparks full-scale rescue after getting stuck in railings

When sausage dog Milo tried to charge through some railings outside his home, he didn’t realise he wasn’t quite as small as he used to be.

The desperate dachshund’s attempt to squeeze through the garden gates sparked a full-scale rescue as firefighters had to come and free him.

Milo’s owner Sarah Jane Thompson was putting her six-week-old daughter into her pram ahead of a walk in the sunshine on Monday when over-excited Milo lodged himself between the garden and the street.

A sausage dog had to be rescued by firefighters after squeezing through railings
Stuck – Milo might have put on a few pounds (Pictures: SWNS)

Worried that any attempt to pull the pooch free would damage Milo’s back, Sarah called the local fire station to see if someone could come round to help free the imprisoned pooch.

But she didn’t expect quite such a dramatic rescue as a full fire engine arrived to free the stranded dog.

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Sarah, from Glasgow, said the rescuers freed Milo by turning the dachshund onto his side, allowing him to escape.

She said: “I was pretty worried as dachshunds have very delicate backs because they’re so long so if he had started to panic to wriggle out it could have been very serious.”

A sausage dog had to be rescued by firefighters after squeezing through railings
Rescue – the podgy pooch was rescued by firefighters by the local fire station

She said she usually closes the gate to the front garden and leaves Milo in there while she puts her daughter in the car and he usually waits patiently.

“But this time when I turned around he was just looking at me and then I realised his front half was all the way through the bars,” she said.

She didn’t call 999 but asked her nearest fire station at Knightswood to see if they could help.

“They said that they’d send someone round but I didn’t expect them to arrive within minutes or with a full fire engine,” she added.

“It was all over in about half an hour and thankfully Milo is fine though at the time he did look a bit mortified.

“He’s not as thin as he used to be so I think that he may have underestimated his own size.”