Scaramucci on why more in GOP don’t oppose Trump: ‘They probably don’t like death threats’

Anthony Scaramucci, who spent a short amount of time as White House communications director under former President Trump, said more Republicans don’t speak up about their opposition to Trump due to not wanting threats to their life.

“Well, they probably don’t like death threats, Nicolle, I think we could probably start there,” Scaramucci told MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” host Nicolle Wallace on Thursday when she asked him about why some of those who have interacted with Trump directly find it hard to speak up about the “danger” he poses, in a clip highlighted by Mediaite.

“And so … that could be the number one reason, but … I think with the generals, it has to do with their respect for the dignity of the Constitution and not wanting to bring military leadership into the political fray,” Scaramucci continued.

Last week, Scaramucci joked that he and other former Trump administration officials are in a “Trump recovery unit.”

“[L]et me just talk about my colleagues and friends, because we’re sort of like in this Trump recovery unit together, which would include [former Defense Secretary Mark Esper], [retired Gen. Mark Milley, former chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff],” Scaramucci said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” last Friday.

Scaramucci’s comments came in response to a question from host Joe Scarborough about why Scaramucci believes former President Trump is “such a danger to the Republic if he’s reelected.”

Speaking with Wallace this week, he said Trump “will be way more organized this time.”

“One of the reasons why that insurrection failed is that he didn’t have the organizational skills. He doesn’t have the executive management skills to run an insurrection properly. But he now has willing participants on that campaign that are way more organized than him,” he said.

“And so do not underestimate that and do not underestimate the effectiveness going forward if he should somehow win, which I predict he won’t.”

—Updated at 3:06 p.m.

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