School sees Ofsted rating drop from 'good' to 'requires improvement'

Slater Primary School in Frog Island
Slater Primary School in Frog Island -Credit:Google

A Leicester primary school that was previously rated 'good' by Ofted has seen its rating drop to 'requires improvement' following a visit by inspectors. Slater Primary School, in Slater Street, Frog Island, retained its 'good' rating for four of the categories looked at by officials, but must do better in two categories - the quality of education and leadership and management. The school's overall rating is based on the lowest category ratings.

Lead inspector Liz Moore praised many aspects of the school in her report, but said that absence was too high, some pupils did not achieve what they were capable of and "some subject leaders are not yet fully taking responsibility for the implementation and impact of their curriculum".

In response, headteacher Richard McKenzie told LeicestershireLive the school was "happy, safe and inclusive" and had "very supportive parents". He added that "staff have been working hard to make improvements".

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Ms Moore said in her report:"Levels of absence and persistent absence remain too high for a minority of pupils. Some pupils miss too much learning and do not achieve as well as they should. The school should fully implement and embed its policies and procedures to improve attendance."

"Leadership is at an early stage of development in some subjects. Some subject leaders are not yet fully taking responsibility for the implementation and impact of their curriculum. The school should ensure that subject leaders gain the necessary knowledge and understanding to measure the implementation and impact of the curriculum effectively, therefore, ensuring that all pupils achieve well.

"The school has not devised effective approaches to assessing pupils’ knowledge in some subjects. Staff are unclear about what pupils know and do not know.

"Some pupils are left with gaps in their learning, which makes any future learning difficult for them. The school should ensure that there are effective assessment systems in place to check what pupils know and remember and that they are used consistently well."

The report added that staff were "proud" to work at the school and pupils reported that there was little bad behaviour. The report added: "Pupils behave well most of the time. Pupils say that there is little poor behaviour. The school’s values help pupils to know the difference between right and wrong.

"They know how to raise a concern and they are confident that staff will help them. The school places a high priority on the safety of pupils."

The report stated the pupils felt valued and safe but received a variable quality of education. It said: "Pupils represent a diverse range of communities, backgrounds and families. Many pupils join, or leave, the school at different points in their school career. They are welcomed and helped to feel valued, happy and safe in this inclusive school. They are kind and respectful to one another.

"However, pupils are not yet confident about all the values that are important to prepare them for life in modern Britain.

"Pupils experience a variable quality of education. The school does not make sufficiently thorough checks on pupils’ learning. Some pupils do not recall the school’s curriculum well enough."

Headteacher Mr McKenzie said: "Slater Primary is a happy, safe and inclusive school and we are pleased the inspectors recognised this. We are also grateful to have very supportive parents who value education.

"We are proud to be rated 'good' in Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development and Early years provision. This was the school's first inspection since the education inspection framework changed in 2019 with its greater emphasis on curriculum. Staff have been working hard to make improvements with the wider curriculum and will continue to do so with the support of governors."