Schools Evacuated After Train Carrying 'Chemicals' Derails in South Texas

A train carrying “chemicals” derailed in Mauriceville, Texas, on October 29, leading authorities to evacuate businesses and residents within a one-mile radius of the incident, including an elementary school and a middle school, according to reports.

Local news reported that officials were working to find out exactly what chemicals were involved, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

This video, recorded by local Morgan LeBlanc, shows the train derailing at a railroad crossing, sending dust and debris into the air as the train cars slide onto the road in front of her.

LeBlanc, along with approximately 2,200 Entergy customers in Orange County, Texas, lost power due to the derailment.

The train was carrying chemicals, local media reported, but Orange County Sheriff Jimmy Lane Mooney said there was nothing leaking from the railcars, but some diesel and gasoline had spilled from the engine. Credit: Morgan LeBlanc via Storyful