Scientists Discover New Species of Anaconda in the Amazon

A new species of green anaconda, also known as the giant anaconda, was discovered in the Amazon in Brazil in 2023, researchers announced on February 16, 2024, in an academic journal.

Fifteen scientists from 9 countries made the discovery that the green anaconda found in the northern regions of South America differs from that found in the more southern regions; they were originally thought to be one species.

Dutch biologist Dr Freek Vonk, who can be seen in this footage swimming alongside a 26-foot southern green anaconda (Eunectes murinus), is a co-author of the academic article detailing the newly described northern green anaconda (Eunectes akayima).

In the caption accompanying the footage on Instagram, Professor Vonk wrote that while the giant snakes look identical at first glance, the genetic difference between the two is 5.5 percent. To put that into perspective, the genetic variation between humans and chimpanzees is thought to be between 5.2 and 6.2 percent, according to the Smithsonian. Credit: Studio Freek via Storyful

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