Scientists drill into mysterious lake buried 3,500 feet under Antarctica

Antarctic Landscape, Portal Point, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
Antarctic Landscape, Portal Point, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica

A huge lake buried thousands of feet underneath Antarctica’s ice is about to yield its secrets, after scientists drilled through the ice to reach it.

After two days of drilling using a high-pressure hot water drill, the scientists broke through on Sunday – finding a lake ‘twice the size of Manhattan’.

The scientists will lower a robotic vehicle into the lake to sample its temperature and cleanliness – and to look for microbial life.

‘We don’t know what we’ll find,’ said John Priscu, chief scientist for Subglacial Antarctic Lakes Scientific Access (SALSA).

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‘We’re just learning, it’s only the second time that this has been done.’

The Mercer Subglacial Lake was spotted in satellite imagery more than a decade ago – and is believed to be one of 400 lakes hidden beneath Antarctica.

The SALSA team wrote, ‘Part of the drilling process involves sampling the drill water to test its cleanliness.

‘The water has been tested twice thus far, and both tests showed the water was ‘as clean as filtered water can get’, in the words of SALSA PI Brent Christner,.

‘The drill water is run through filters that catch 99.9% of bacteria and particles.’