Scientists warn dangerous space rocks could be hiding in little-known meteor shower

Scientists are warning that dangerous space rocks could be hiding in a little-known meteor shower coming to Earth this month.

While most of us are familiar with the Perseid meteor shower and its potential to bring a dazzling light show, the Beta Taurid meteor shower is much less well-known.

But that could be about to change.

For the past few decades, scientists have been speculating that dangerous space rocks may have been hiding in the dust kicked up by the Beta Taurid meteor shower.

In fact, a group of Oxford scientists suggested in 1993 that one of the most devastating meteor impacts of modern times - the Tunguska Event of 1908 - may have been a result of a rogue rock hiding in the Beta Taurids' wake.

"If the Tunguska object was a member of a Beta Taurid stream, then the last week in June 2019 will be the next occasion with a high probability for Tunguska-like collisions or near-misses," reads a paper by researchers from the Universities of New Mexico and Western Ontario presented at an American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting in December.

So, should we be worried?

Find out more in the video above.