Scotland to bask in 22C heat this week following bank holiday thunderstorms

Scotland park
Warmer weather could be on the cards for much of Scotland this week -Credit:Getty Images

People in Scotland could be in for a warmer and sunnier week with temperatures expected to reach the low twenties following a widespread alert for bank holiday thunderstorms.

According to the Met Office, 'settled' conditions are on the way which could push the mercury up to around 22C by the weekend. However, showers will continue to linger in Scotland at the start of this week, especially on Tuesday, May 7.

As we head further into the week, conditions across the country will improve, making way for some warmer weather - although areas in northern Scotland can still expect to see some showers.

Ellie Glaisyer, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “It will generally be a lot more settled this week.

“It will start to feel much more pleasant with temperatures on Tuesday likely to reach the very early twenties in the south, and then later on in the week, we could see temperatures of around 22C to 23C, while the north is likely to reach temperatures in the high teens.”

Ms Glaisyer said an area of high pressure will start to build and move across the UK from Wednesday onwards, potentially bringing more settled, warmer, and drier weather.

Highs of 22C are forecast in Glasgow on Saturday May 11, and before then, temperatures across much of the country will sit comfortably in the high teens as we head further into this week.

This was echoed by Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst who delved deeper into Scotland's weather for the week ahead, advising that temperatures in Glasgow could peak at 19C on Friday May 10, with several other areas such as Aberdeen and Edinburgh also reaching the late teens.

This is due to an area of high pressure 'finally' arriving in the UK, which often brings warmer and more settled conditions.

Greg noted that Scots could see patches of fog and mist during the early mornings this week, but these will widely give way for some sunnier spells to break through.

And with Friday set to be the warmest day of the week, with 'plenty of hazy sunshine' on the cards, temperatures could reach 'close to 20C' in what could be a very pleasant day for Scots. This weekend, things could heat up even more with '24C or 25C' potentially for some - although it's not yet clear where this could be.

As the weather warms up this week, the pollen count is also set to increase - so worth stocking up on antihistamines if you're a hay fever sufferer.

By Friday, pollen levels all across Scotland will be at medium level, except for Shetland which will remain at low. The levels of UV are also set to hover around 3-5 for much of the country due to the partial cloud cover, which is moderate.

The bank holiday weekend saw the UK experience a mix of rain and sunny spells.

The Met Office issued yellow weather warnings for parts of southern Scotland, England and Wales on Monday May 7, as it warned that thunderstorms and heavy downpours could cause flooding and travel disruption.

The two warnings expired at 9pm on Monday evening, as showers began to ease across the UK.

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