This is Scotland’s chance to wipe the SNP off the map

John Swinney wants to promote his divisive independence agenda
John Swinney wants to promote his divisive independence agenda - LESLEY MARTIN

For more than a decade, we’ve all had to put up with the SNP running down our economy and public services.

We’ve had to watch Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and now John Swinney demand independence and promote their divisive agenda.

We’ve had to stomach nationalist after nationalist raising taxes and bringing in disastrous policies such as the flawed Hate Crime Act and dangerous gender reforms.

But on 4th July, we can finally start to bring all that to an end. We can inflict a historic blow on the SNP.

At the moment, the nationalists are down. But we need to keep them down - and get them out of power. We cannot get complacent and allow them any chance to recover.

We need to seize this chance, while the opportunity is right there within our grasp, to wipe the nationalists off the map.

In a host of key seats, it’s going to be really close between the Scottish Conservatives and the SNP. It will come down to razor-thin margins.

If everyone who wants to beat the SNP comes together, we can do it. We can beat the nationalists in seats from the South to the North East of Scotland.

But it’s going to take that united effort from everyone to make sure it happens.

Voting for another party - or not voting at all - may allow the SNP to slip in by the back door.

A vote for a smaller party that can’t win, such as Reform, could risk the election of a pro-independence nationalist who will spend the next five years distracted from the issues that really matter to you and to Scotland.

A few hundred votes could make a difference

Even a few hundred votes for another party could make the difference. Those smaller parties like Reform can’t challenge the SNP, they won’t even come third in key seats across Scotland. But they could give the SNP just enough of an opening to pull off a victory.

That’s what this election is about in Scotland. It will all come down to either the SNP winning or losing.

We know that core SNP voters will be pushed to go to the polls by John Swinney. He will promise them that independence is coming and diehard supporters will go out in droves and vote SNP. They may be disillusioned, but we all know from experience that they will set that aside and back the nationalists.

So we all need to get out and vote to beat the SNP. We need the pro-UK side to make their voices heard.

The power is really in your hands. If you use your postal ballot for the Scottish Conservatives, or if you cast your vote for us on July 4th, we can make sure the SNP are defeated all across the country.

Beating the SNP would allow us all to move on. It would give Scotland the chance to go forward. It would mean the next five years can be about the issues that really matter to you, your top priorities.

This is our chance. The opportunity to beat the SNP is within touching distance. Now all we need to do is grab it and make sure we deliver the comprehensive defeat that the SNP has deserved for a decade.