Scotland could spot Northern Lights this week as solar display predicted

Image of very strong Aurora.
An enhancement to the aurora may occur on Monday -Credit:Getty

The beautiful Northern Lights may be visible in Scotland this week as the latest space weather forecast has predicted some aurora activity.

The Met Office Space Weather forecast has noted that while no "significant activity" is expected this weekend, there may be availability for some sightings this week. Forecasters have noted that an "enhancement to the aurora" may occur on Monday night (May 20) due to the "possible arrival of a coronal mass ejection (CME)" that left the Sun on Friday evening.

Following the potential CME arrival, the Northern Lights may become visible in clear skies across Scotland and Northern Ireland by late on Monday evening.

The forecasters from the Met Office Space Weather website also said that there's a "slight chance" of some activity across English skies as well as North Wales. They said: "Following this auroral activity is expected to decline, although confidence is lower than usual however and some slight enhancement to the aurora at times can’t be ruled out."

We reported earlier this month that the whole UK were privileged to experience the joy of the Northern Lights as stargazers across the UK saw the show from May 11 to May 12.

The Northern Lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are a beautiful sight and are caused when energised particles leave the Sun and hit the globe's upper atmosphere at major speeds.

According to Royal Museums Greenwich, these particles tend to be deflected away but when they are trapped, they head north and south depending on their magnetic field.

Royal Observatory astronomer Tom Kerss said: "These particles then slam into atoms and molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere and essentially heat them up. We call this physical process ‘excitation’, but it’s very much like heating a gas and making it glow."

How can I see the Northern Lights this week?

Northern Lights.
The Northern Lights may be visible in Scotland this week -Credit:Getty

According to the Met Office, the best conditions to see the Northern Lights are when the sky is clear of any clouds and dark.

So, if you want to watch the stunning show, it is best to head out of the city and into a more rural area away from light pollution and face the northern horizon.

They also noted: "Ideally, the lights will be best viewed away from any light pollution, in remote areas, facing the northern horizon - north facing coasts produce some of the best viewing locations."

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