'Scotland don't deserve the Tartan Army' as Euro 2024 campaign brutally dissected by Record readers

Scotland have endured another crushing exit at a major tournament after being eliminated by a late goal by Hungary - and the national team's post-mortem has begun in our comments section.

It was well into the second half when Scotland registered a shot on goal on Sunday, with pundits slating manager Steve Clarke's approach to the do-or-die final group match game. Demands for a penalty and quips about the referee by Clarke weren't enough to change the mood of the Tartan Army and TV viewers.

Reader HoodedClaw1075 is furious: "Scotland are an absolutely dreadful excuse for a national team. Headed up by horrible wee coach in Steve Clarke that set them up to play the worst defensive boring football I've ever seen. He should be sacked but I know the spineless SFA won't sack - they won't want to pay him out of their biscuit tin. The fans deserve a far better team to support than Scotland. Elite fans, but pub team footballers."

Commenter Starl agrees: "The team don't deserve the Tartan Army. The best supporters, and the worst team."

Catchafire has been spared further pain, at least: "Soulless, just like their manager. Kind of glad in a way, can you imagine the hammering they would have got in the final 16?"

Responsible writes: "Scotland were terrible, didn't make any attempt to win the game until 75 minutes had passed. John McGinn is believing his press stories and didn't kick a ball in the 3 games. Clark is such a negative manager he has to go."

Boomboommcgurk saw one bright spot: "What was it, 60-odd minutes before an attempt on goal? The opposition not really up to much, fantastic fans watching slow slow football, gave it a bash last 15. Shankland seemed to change it for the better."

"Qualification was an achievement, but that's when the problems start - quicker, confident, far better players make it really difficult for what we have to offer. Sad thing is Hungary weren't up to much IMO, but it's the same old ain't it."

Reader All49an says: "Time to move on Stevie, you've overstayed your welcome. A dreadful performance."

Computersaysno writes: "Negative Steve Clarke must shoulder the blame for this shocker. 98mins before our first shot on target, in a game we must win. 77 mins before a substitute is made. Rank rotten. On the plus side, we don't have to watch one more second of that."

Minto75 says: "We needed more attacking options from the start. We needed at least one winger who could give us something up front. Well done for getting there but his tactics were all wrong at this tournament."

What would be the single, most effective change Scotland could make for future tournaments? Comment below, and join in on the conversation.

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