Scotland legend Gordon Strachan lost lookalike competition of himself in Tenerife bar

Gordon Strachan has revealed he once entered a lookalike competition as himself and only finished runner-up.

The former Scotland and Celtic manager was encouraged by friends to enter the contest while at a bar in Tenerife.

The 67-year-old went up on stage with other hopefuls and pretended to be a dead ringer for himself.

However he was left stunned when he was beaten by a woman who was a lookalike for legendary Coronation Street character Vera Duckworth.

Strachan said the incident happened in the 1990s when he was a coach at Coventry City under manager Ron Atkinson during a mid-season sunshine break.

He said: "When I first went to Coventry big Ron took us to Tenerife in February. I've got an idea why we went there because big Ron had a house there.

"We got there and I went for a drink and I ended up being second in a lookalike competition.

"I was second being me and the woman who won it was a lookalike for Vera Duckworth who looked nothing like Vera Duckworth.

"Harry Roberts, who worked with me at Coventry, went: 'We've got a Gordon Strachan lookalike over here'.

"I had to stand up with a Vera Duckworth and a Charlie Drake or something like that."

He continued: "So I had to go up and get presented with a bottle of wine for coming second for looking like me in a bar in Tenerife.

"That was the funniest story - I was second for being myself."

Strachan was speaking to veteran broadcaster Jeff Stelling on an episode of his podcast Football's Greatest.

The Aberdeen and Leeds United legend is now a technical director at Dundee FC and has ruled out a return to full-time management.

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