Scotland weather: Met Office extends 'danger to life' thunderstorm warning

Met Office warning map
Met Office warning map -Credit:Met Office

Scotland's 'danger to life' thunderstorm warning has been extended by the Met Office across the entire nation, ahead of a 13-hour bout of torrential rain and electrical storms.

The mini heatwave we've all been enjoying is set to be shattered by thunderstorms. A Met Office alert for these storms, which begins at 2pm and concludes at 3am on Monday, now extends further eastward across Scotland.

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Key concerns identified in this alert are heavy rainfall that might trigger sudden floods, road closures, as well as potential cancellations and delays to public transportation. The weather forecasting body also alerts residents about the small risk that high-speed or deep flood waters might pose a threat to life.

This disruptive weather makes a stark contrast from the recently enjoyed warm spell. Temperatures hit 25.7C in Cassley in northern Scotland whilst the highest recorded yesterday by the Met Office was 25.9C in Herstmonceux West End in England.

Heavy showers, some of them thunderous, are expected for parts of western Scotland by the afternoon. Additional spells of considerable rainfall with a chance of thunder are expected to follow in the south during the evening, reports the Daily Record.

The thunderstorm warning covers 24 regions across Scotland, extending from Eilean Siar to the Scottish Borders and eastwards through to Fife. Early Sunday morning saw the Met Office slightly reduce the length of the alert from 4am to 3am on Monday.

The Met Office watch out for "intense downpours" bringing somewhere between 20 to 30mm of rainfall in less than an hour. Rainfall quantities could reach 30 to 50mm just over two hours causing surface water flooding.

Those hoping to catch another glimpse of the Northern Lights might be left disappointed tonight. Clear skies are a must for viewing this celestial spectacle.

Regions and local authorities affected:

Central, Tayside and Fife.

Highlands and Eilean Siar.

SW Scotland, Lothian Borders.