Scotland's top 20 nurseries based on parent reviews crowned - see the full list

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The top-rated nurseries in Scotland based on reviews from carers have been revealed -Credit:Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images

The top 20 nurseries in Scotland based on reviews from parents and carers have been revealed.

Anyone who is responsible for a young child or children will know that it is important to make sure that they attend a good nursery. There are countless childcare centres all across Scotland, which can make it difficult to know which one you should send your young ones to.

Fortunately, the winners of the Nursery Awards 2024 have recently been announced. The yearly awards recognise the 20 top-rated nurseries in each region of the UK on its website based on feedback and scores from carers.

Among the 20 Scots nurseries singled out, six are in the Glasgow area. Bardykes Farm Nursery School, Happitots Nursery Baillieston, Little Stars Nursery Hillington, Pied Piper Nursery, Smiley Stars Nursery - Ibrox, and Smiley Stars Nursery - Mansewood have all been recognised with an award.

Elsewhere, Aberdeen and Dundee each have three nurseries represented in the top 20. The former is home to Banana Moon Day Nursery Bridge of Don, Banana Moon Day Nursery Dyce, and Bright Horizons at 44 St Swithin, while Dundee Nature Kindergarten, Little People Nursery, and Mini Monkeys are the Dundee childcare centres recognised at the awards.

Meanwhile, only one Edinburgh nursery received a Top 20 Nursery Award. Little Flyers in the Ingliston area west of the city centre was the sole winner in the Scottish capital.

Smiley Stars Nursery - Mansewood
Smiley Stars Nursery in Mansewood is one of six Glasgow nurseries to receive an award -Credit:Google Maps

Other nurseries across Scotland to take home awards include First Class Nursery Ltd in Livingston, Little Stars Nursery in Falkirk, and Happitots Nursery in Cumbernauld. Two childcare centres in the Renfrewshire town of Renfrew were also recognised, with Bright Horizons Renfrew Early Learning and Childcare and Little Flowers Nursery receiving a prize.

The website states: "The Top 20 award is a mark of excellence, serving as a testament to the hard work and dedication of each individual in your organisation. The awards highlight that your nursery or group has been one of the top-rated by parents and show potential customers that you provide the highest quality of care and support."

More information about the 2024 winners at the Top 20 Nursery Awards can be found on

Top 20 Nurseries Scotland 2024

  • Banana Moon Day Nursery Bridge of Don, Aberdeen

  • Banana Moon Day Nursery Dyce, Aberdeen

  • Banana Moon Day Nursery Westhill, Westhill

  • Bardykes Farm Nursery School, Glasgow

  • Bright Horizons at 44 St Swithin, Aberdeen

  • Bright Horizons Renfrew Early Learning and Childcare, Renfrew

  • Dundee Nature Kindergarten, Dundee

  • First Class Nursery Ltd, Livingston

  • Happitots Nursery Baillieston, Glasgow

  • Happitots Nursery Cumbernauld, Cumbernauld

  • Heads of Ayr Nursery, Ayr

  • Little Flowers Nursery, Renfrew

  • Little Flyers @ Ingliston, Edinburgh

  • Little People Nursery, Dundee

  • Little Stars Nursery Falkirk, Falkirk

  • Little Stars Nursery Hillington, Glasgow

  • Mini Monkeys, Dundee

  • Pied Piper Nursery, Glasgow

  • Smiley Stars Nursery - Ibrox, Glasgow

  • Smiley Stars Nursery - Mansewood, Glasgow

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