Scots city home to 'hardest seagulls' as UK towns ruled by 'XL Gullies' that 'go for blood'

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Seagulls in Lowestoft.

Aberdeen is reportedly home to the UK's worst seagulls described as "another level of psychotic" and "out for blood."

The country's most aggressive seagulls, dubbed 'XL Gullies', have been mapped out as they terrorise residents by stealing food, launching attacks and even shoplifting.

This follows a report by the Daily Star on a giant "top level boss" gull causing chaos in Liverpool city centre, leading to an increase in "XL Gullies" stealing people's pasties.

Horror stories of gulls terrorising towns are all too familiar but one city in Scotland is particularly renowned, reports the Daily Star.

Seagulls can be very aggressive -Credit:Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo
Seagulls can be very aggressive -Credit:Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo

One user on Reddit recently asked: "Which town in the UK has the roughest seagulls?"

The question was quickly met with many people claiming that Aberdeen was far the worse with routine attacks on people normal.

One user wrote: "Aberdeen. It’s not even a close competition. There's a few who will regularly help themselves to stuff in shops. Routine attacks on people are normal. Oh and they are f*****g massive and hyper aggressive. Plenty of towns have bad gull problems but Aberdeen is a whole other level of psychotic b****d birds."

(Stock image) Special licences to destroy nests and eggs will only be granted in 'exceptional' circumstances
(Stock image) Special licences to destroy nests and eggs will only be granted in 'exceptional' circumstances -Credit:SWNS

Another agreed adding: "Two of the vicious buggers nicked a baguette out of my car boot when I was loading my shopping and then others mobbed me when I tried to shut the boot. I've lived in a number of coastal areas in the UK but the Aberdeen gulls are something else."

Another chimed in: "I moved from the Highlands to Aberdeen and I thought Highland seagulls were the worst… Until my first encounter with an Aberdonian seagull. They are absolutely ruthless and will go for blood (sadly, not an exaggeration)."

Councils in some coastal towns have been forced to publish survival guides on how to deal with the birds. At the University of Sussex in Brighton, freshers have been handed flyers warning that seagulls will "rob" them.

One Reddit user acknowledged the issue in Brighton after being attacked themselves by "gangs of vicious seagulls."

But another touted St Ives as one of the worst places adding: "Cornish gulls are like pterodactyls. I’ve lived there all my life and a St Ives gull got me swooping over my shoulder and took my ice cream cone."

One agreed, adding: "Yep. Had one headbutt me and f****d off with half my pasty. I live in Newquay and they aren't nearly as bad as the St Ives ones."

And of course it wasn't long before someone mentioned Wales.

One piped up: "Rhyl. They all need ASBOs."

While one replied: "I had my scalp torn open by a Rhyl gull."

"Llandudno. Seagulls there are absolute psychopaths and will nail your ice creams on the pier," added another victim.

One wrote: "I saw a guy drop a seagull with an uppercut after it stole his chips in Barmouth, Wales, when I was like 15 years old. I know that doesn't speak much for the roughness of the seagulls there, but its a fun story I like to reminisce about."

But one said: "The underlying question here is which town is most frequented by the inconsiderate tossers who feed them, not appreciating the hell this causes to the locals and especially young children."

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