Scots gangland enforcer hacked victims with machetes in "seven weeks of mayhem" for ruthless crime mob

A gangland enforcer who was the hired muscle for a ruthless crime mob has been jailed for 16 years.

Ross Al-Gailani doled out horrific violence including a murder bid on a former clan member who ended up having his leg amputated.

Another victim was filmed being held hostage, stripped, tortured, beaten with a baseball bat and struck with a machete.

Al-Gailani's own lawyer described the sickening violence as "seven weeks of mayhem".

The 36 year-old thug was today sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow having pleaded guilty to the attacks.

A judge branded what he did as "sadistic".

Prosecutor John McElroy KC told the hearing: "Al-Gailani is assessed to be a criminal enforcer used by persons to carry out attacks in relation to drugs, money and personal vengeance."

The first target was James Sheridan - once a member of a crime gang, who ended being jailed for being caught with cannabis and £104,000 of dirty cash.

Mr McElroy said, while he was behind bars, Sheridan made it clear he wanted out of the mob.

But, the gang boss blamed him for the drugs and cash being "lost".

Mr McElroy: "An instruction was issued that he should be assaulted."

Clan members then lay in wait as Sheridan was released early from his jail-term at HMP Low Moss on May 16 2023.

He was tailed to a property in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.

Later that day, Al-Gailani and others then booted their way through the front door.

Sheridan was found in a bedroom with Samantha Cook.

Mr McElroy: "The perpetrators proceeded to assault both using what has been described as machetes and swords."

The gang fled the bloodbath as Miss Cooke managed to dial 999.

The court heard Sheridan suffered horrific injuries to his head, arms and legs. Medics initially feared he would not survive.

The wounds were so severe it was decided to amputate his right leg from above the knee. He also lost two fingers from the attack.

Miss Cook required extensive surgery herself.

She also had two fingers severed from her right hand - attempts were made to re-attach them, but she eventually had to have them amputated.

A video clip emerged soon after the incident of a heavily bandaged Sheridan lying in his hospital bed.

The footage - shared on social media - saw him taunting his attackers by stating: "Take the fingers, take the leg, but you will not take my life, you f***ing bunch of dafties."

Al-Gailani's next target meantime was Scott McCran, who owed the crime mob £19,000.

His ordeal began last June 14 after Al-Gailani picked him up and drove him to a house in Wishaw, Lanarkshire.

Mr McElroy: "On arrival, McCran was instructed to strip to only his boxers shorts. His hands and legs were tied together."

Al-Gailani then repeatedly smacked the humiliated man with a baseball bat.

While being held captive over the next two days, McCran reckoned he was hit with the weapon 100 times.

The advocate depute went on to state: "He was also forced to place his hand on a cooker and Al-Gailani proceeded to strike his left hand on three or four occasions with a machete."

The horror attacks were filmed by another individual. The grim footage of it was played in court.

Al-Gailani called relatives of McCran to pay the debt before he was allowed to finally leave.

But, around a week later, Al-Gailani ordered McCran to meet him and he was again driven to Wishaw.

He was told to once more take off his clothes before being shot around 20 times with a pistol, hit with a baseball bat and punched.

Mr McElroy: "Al-Gailani recorded the assault on his mobile phone."

McCran only escaped this time after agreeing to "deliver a plan" to make the crime mob money.

The court heard he needed surgery following both attacks including for damage to his hand and having pellets removed from his body having been shot.

Al-Gailani finally turned up at a house a couple were living at in Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute on July 4 2023.

The woman - who it is believed Al-Gailani did not know - was at the property in the early hours when she found the thug in the kitchen clutching what appeared to be a police baton.

He went on to strike her twice with the weapon as she desperately tried to defend herself.

Mr McElroy: "It is her opinion that Al-Gailani ran off due to the fact her dog was giving attention to his left leg."

The woman suffered "significant" tendon damage to her left hand, which she continues to struggle with.

Al-Gailani pleaded guilty to attempting to murder Sheridan and assaulting Miss Cook to her severe injury, permanent disfigurement and impairment.

He also admitted to two charges of the latter crime in connection with McCran which included extorting the £19,000.

Al-Gailani further pleaded guilty to assaulting the final victim to her severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

The court heard today how AL-Gailani was a trained mechanic with a limited criminal record making it "stranger to understand" he was involved in such serious violence.

Brian McConnachie, defending, said it was clear, during this time, Al-Gailani was "embroiled" with the crime group.

The KC added: "This appears to have been a period of seven weeks which can be described as mayhem in relation to the offences.

"He describes seeing (footage of the attacks) as like watching a horror film and that the audio made him feel sick.

"He finds it difficult to come to terms that he was responsible for such offences.

"But, there is nothing that he can say or do that can justify what he done."

Lady Stacey said the jail-term would have been 18 years for "carrying out the various atrocities", but for the guilty pleas.

The judge: "You acted in a despicable manner - your actions were cruel, cowardly and sadistic."

Al-Gailani will be supervised for a further three years on his release.

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