Scots misogyny law plans could be blocked for protecting trans women

Plans for a new misogyny law in Scotland could be blocked by the UK Government after it was revealed that it will protect men who identify as women.

The legislation is set to be considered at Holyrood after fury that women were not given protected status within the controversial Hate Crime Act.

But the Sunday Mail revealed last week how a working group, led by Baroness Helena Kennedy KC, has said no offence should be created that “requires a woman to prove she is a woman”.

Her report adds: “Trans women face misogyny as well as prejudice about their change of gender.”

When questioned on our story First Minister Humza Yousaf said he believed trans women should be able to report misogyny crimes too. The UK Government has confirmed any new Bill will be scrutinised carefully and potentially blocked if found to be incompatible with UK law, in similar style to the SNP’s disastrous self-ID Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

A source said: “Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has already humiliated the Scottish Government once by kiboshing the GRR Bill and he is more than willing to do so again.

“The Conservatives can see SNP gender policy is completely out of step with public opinion and there are also legitimate concerns over whether Scottish legislation on this issue could have a detrimental impact on existing UK law.

“If it is the case that a Scottish misogyny law was going to water down the definition of what a woman actually is to the extent that existing protections for women could be weakened rather than strengthened, then the UK Government will act to block it.”

Alister Jack blocked the GRR Bill last year issuing a Section 35 Order preventing it from proceeding to royal assent.

The Scottish Government then went on to lose a court challenge on the grounds the Bill would alter the Equality Act, a UK-wide piece of Westminster legislation.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has hit out at Humza Yousaf after he confirmed trans women would be protected by a misogyny law.

She said: “Once again Mr Yousaf makes his absolute contempt for women and their rights clear. Women were excluded from his nonsensical hate crime law, now he introduces a ‘misogyny law’ designed to also protect men.”

Rowling added that “trans-identified men” who send violent threats to women would now receive double protection in law.

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