Scots mum flees home after sick ex tortured tiny chihuahua in bedroom

A Dumbarton woman whose dog was killed by her ex-partner at their Helensburgh home said she has had to move as the house was a constant reminder of the suffering her pet endured.

Donald Gollan, 35, was found guilty of violently attacking Laura Park’s 12-year-old Chihuahua Archie then throwing him out of a first floor window.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard the little dog was dead before he was thrown, suffering multiple broken bones after a sustained attack at the Helensburgh home.

A neighbour’s CCTV captured his body being hurled out of the window then Gollan stuffing it behind a mattress in the garden.

Opening up to the Lennox about the trauma she and her family faced, Laura said reminders of the cruelty forced her to leave her home adding that her son’s bedroom was left like a “crime scene” with blood.

Archie was thrown from the bedroom window after being attacked
Archie was thrown from the bedroom window after being attacked -Credit:Supplied

She said: “The house was a trigger for my PTSD. I had to move to be able to live a normal life.

“Going out to put my bins out - that’s where Archie hit the fence before falling on the path. Driving on my driveway - where Archie first landed when he was put out the window.

“There were marks on the wall where he had thrown things that didn’t come off even after I had painted them. My son’s bedroom was like a crime scene. Every time I walked into it I thought back to what I had seen that day.

“Everything was a trigger.

“I got the keys to my new home the week before he was found guilty. These things happen for a reason and it feels like I’m finally being allowed to move on.”

The mum-of-four told the Lennox: “Obviously nothing can bring Archie back. No matter what sentence he is hit with, it won’t make up for the pain and suffering that he’s caused over the last two years.

“But at least we have a guilty verdict. That is the main thing.

“He has been denying this story for a long time and making me out to be a liar. To get that guilty verdict and get justice for Archie is all that matters.

“To know that a judge at a court believed us and knew it was true was a massive relief.”

Gollan, who was employed as a roofer by West Dunbartonshire Council at the time of the incident, was caught on CCTV hurling chihuahua Archie from the upstairs window onto the concrete slabs below during the attack in March 2022.

Gollan is then seen at the downstairs back door.

He looks around before bending down to pick Archie up and cramming him behind the mattress propped against the garden fence.

Gollan was convicted of causing the death of an animal, a breach of the peace, shouting and swearing and breaking a lamp.

Laura says the impact of the attack has changed her as a person.

She continued: “I say to people that there is a Laura before and a Laura after what happened. I’m not the same.

“The Laura after is a totally different person. I’m full of anxiety. I don’t like to go into Dumbarton or Alexandria in case I see him or his family. I was a really confident, strong and independent woman. I’m a shell now.

“I don’t trust anyone. Nobody will come into my life again. I won’t trust them. How could I? The night it happened I just kept saying to the police that I didn’t know how he could’ve done something like this.

“He was a man I was meant to love. I kept telling the police that it couldn’t be him, but they said that it was him. It was just a side he hadn’t shown.”

Laura has now called for far stricter sentences for animal abusers, saying: “That man will only face up to a year in prison. But I don’t think he will get a custodial sentence. Even if it had been a petition case then the maximum sentence he would’ve got would be five years. To anyone out there that isn’t enough.

“He didn’t accidentally fall on top of Archie. He viciously tortured and killed him. There’s something seriously wrong with that. And there needs to be more done on that.

“There are studies out there that show that Chihuahuas have the intelligence of a three year old child. How can anyone tell me that their life isn’t worth the same as any human?”

Gollan is due to be sentenced on May 22 at Dumbarton Sheriff Court.

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