Scots schoolboy transforms garden into incredible Banksy tribute in spectacular homage to his hero

Youngster Jay J Ballantyne shows off his spectacular display
-Credit: (Image: Supplied)

A Scots schoolboy has transformed his garden into an incredible tribute to Banksy in a spectacular homage to his hero.

Jay J Ballantyne, 12, was inspired after visiting the street artist's Cut and Run exhibition at the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art with his mum and dad last year. Every June the town of Lanark, where the family stay, celebrates Lanimer Week, with the festivities reaching a high point on the gala day, when the town's schoolchildren parade in fancy dress.

Locals decorate their homes with various chosen themes - and as the annual festival came around this year, there was only one thing Jay J wanted to do.

The spectacular display included several of Banksy's iconic pieces
The spectacular display included several of Banksy's iconic pieces -Credit:Supplied

Speaking to the Record, the youngster's dad Jim explained: "Lanark Lanimers is a traditional Scottish festival celebrating local culture and community pride. When you are selected to be part of the Lanimer Court, you get the opportunity to pick a theme to decorate your house.

"This is part of the week long celebrations where it attracts visitors and locals to walk or drive around all the Lanimer Courts decorated homes. We had attended the Banksy Exhibition 'Cut and Run' last August and loved it so much that it planted the seed that it would make a great Lanimer garden.

The display was put together for the Lanark Lanimers festival
The display was put together for the Lanark Lanimers festival -Credit:Supplied

"When Jay J was selected in January, the theme was set - Banksy it was, and the work began. They have a prize for the best decorated house, but we knew we had no chance as no one likes to challenge traditional views or strong political social commentary. We did it because we love Banksy, not for anything else."

Included are a number of the elusive street artist's iconic pieces with the display catching the eyes of many passers-by.

Jim, 39, added: "A bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. It was different and something that had never been done before. We always like to be a bit different.

"His mum Kim did all the drawing and painting, and I cut them out. Jay J fulfilled his role on and made his family very proud."

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