Scots shopper stunned as pigeons 'play football' on chalked drawn street pitch

A Glasgow shopper was left stunned when she clocked her eyes on a group of pigeons 'playing football'.

The birds were spotted battling it out against each other on a chalk drawn pitch.

At least four pigeons went beak to beak, as they challenged each other for a mini ball which is reportedly filled with bird seeds. The moment in the city's Cochrane Street was captured by a passer-by, who provided an hilarious running commentary as the pigeons struggled to score.

Glasgow Live reports that Liz McNay captured the tense moment on Wednesday, with neither of the pigeons able to find the net. The clip shows one pigeon moving the ball with its beak at the makeshift arena which even included advertising boards.

Liz can be heard on the video shouting "get a goal, get a goal," as she encourages the likely pigeon who just can't find the angle.

Liz said: "A guy had set up the pitch and has put bird seeds in the ball. It looks like they are playing fitba.

"I was amazed as it is unusual. You don't see that every day."

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