Scots singer picked to open for Take That minutes before show 'can't take it in'

A Scottish singer who was drafted in to support Take That 40 minutes before the show has told of his 'amazing' night, saying it's 'hard to take in'.

Daniel Rooney, who hails from Glasgow, was performing a gig at the Radisson RED hotel bar beside the OVO Hydro where the iconic band were set to perform to an adoring crowd.

However, when support act Olly Murs shared on social media that he was stuck in London and was unable to perform - less than an hour before the show was set to begin - Daniel saved the day by taking his place and putting on an 'incredible' performance which fans loved.

The gobsmacked singer said after his Hydro performance: “It’s hard to take it in, it’s really surreal.

“I’m just having a chance now to look at my phone and talk to my Mrs and parents and stuff. It was fast - 20 minutes before going on I met Gary and the guys and we talked about what songs to do.

“It was great, I got some good singalongs with the crowd etc and it felt like they were really behind me.

“I know some people were not happy about Olly but as soon as I went up and had a chat they were brilliant."

Daniel Rooney opened for Take That at the Hydro -Credit:Heléna Morrow
Daniel Rooney opened for Take That at the Hydro -Credit:Heléna Morrow

Hollywood TV and film star Ross King was at the show and loved Daniel – so told Take That frontman Gary Barlow he was great, and asked Daniel if he could ditch his gig and open for the band, an opportunity that he jumped at.

He continued: "Ross went up first and announced what was going on, he explained I was playing in Radisson RED when Gary asked him to help so he came up to me and asked me to play the Hydro instead.

“I still had 45 minutes to go at the hotel but what can you do with something like this – but they’re really happy for me.”

Daniel then headed back to the hotel to join bandmate John McLaughlin of Johnny Mac and the The Faithful, who rushed down to take over his original gig.

And the singer has high hopes the opportunity will help give him a platform to showcase his own songs as an artist in his own right.

“It’s early days – it was an amazing night but I hope it will help me show people what I can do and what I am about, with my own music," he added.

Taking to Instagram in the aftermath of the show this morning, Daniel thanked fans for their warm welcome and admitted it was the 'craziest 30 minutes ever', describing Take That as 'absolute legends' for allowing him to step in.

He posted: "What a crazy night. Hardly slept, still on a high from last night. Thanks to everyone's lovely messages about the gig and all the support so far.

"Also a big thanks to the @takethat lads for calming me down before the show and talking setlist tunes. Absolute legends!"

He also thanked Ross King, who said: "Danny was sensational.. a star was born! He met the boys before he went on and they waited for him to come off and told him he was brilliant.”

Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald
Take That described Daniel as a 'brilliant' talent -Credit:Dave Benett/Getty Images

Danny is a regular performer at the hotel which has really embraced grass roots artists and emerging talent.

Radisson RED manager Graham Chalmers is thrilled that Daniel was able to take to the stage, and is 'really pleased' for the Cambuslang singer.

He said: "It’s important to us to showcase Scotland’s talent – in fact we are opening a new live music venue with that ethos at the heart of it, the Rotunda and Roundhouse across from the hotel."

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