Scots Swiftie lookalike posed with Taylor Swift for photos outside Murrayfield

Lynsey wearing her Taylor Swift inspired outfit
-Credit: (Image: @GraceGormley/ CATERS NEWS)

A Taylor Swift fan spent her entire time at the Eras tour being compared to the singer due to her very similar outfit, makeup and hair.

Lynsey Brodie told how she always gets compared to the international popstar but had never seen the resemblance herself until she attended the sellout Murrayfield show.

The 40-year-old from Glasgow was stopped by crowds of people on her way to the venue to take photos with those who thought she looked exactly like Taylor.

Lynsey told how it was down to her outfit and hair which she had styled to look similar to one of Taylor's typical tour outfits that brought it all the attention.

After being held up to greet her newfound fans, she began to panic that she would miss seeing the opening of her doppelganger's show so made her way to her seat where of course, she was greeted with even more fans.

Lynsey Brodie having other fans ask for her photo
Lynsey Brodie having other fans ask for her photo -Credit:@GraceGormley/ CATERS NEWS

She said: "I get told I look like her all the time! I personally do not see the resemblance but people at the pub always joke that I look like her. It's always good fun, I think the shape of my hair and my height is similar to hers. I have also been told I have similar mannerisms.

"The outfit only took a couple of days; I had left it to the last minute so was under a lot of time pressure. I chopped off the arm of a body suit and one leg of leggings then sewed on red sequins to make the snake. It was a bit overwhelming at the stadium because I couldn't find my seat and people kept asking for pictures. I was worried I was going to miss Taylor coming on stage.

"My family think I should do a tribute show or some other lookalike thing, but I don't know how well the masses would respond to a ginger Swift! I don't want to die my hair."

Lynsey told how she always gets compared to the star
Lynsey told how she always gets compared to the star -Credit:@GraceGormley/ CATERS NEWS

Grace Gormley, 20, from Glasgow, who recorded the interactions, said: "I found it totally hilarious, at first I was confused as I have never seen a resemblance between Lynsey and Taylor. I couldn't stop laughing every time someone would ask her for a photo, she was like a mini celebrity for the day. Being in an environment with 60,000 swifties meant she was getting hyped up and cheered at before, during and after the concert.

"When we got to Murrayfield, we ended up almost missing the start of the concert due to how long taking the photos took, I started getting stressed that we would miss Cruel Summer!"

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