Scots woman issues warning after cat gets caught in 'glue trap'

Mr Pops was injured on Wednesday, April 10.
Mr Pops was injured on Wednesday, April 10. -Credit:Edinburgh Live

A Scots woman has warned fellow cat owners after her pet returned home with its tail badly injured from a suspected glue trap.

Debora, 49, from Mossenend View in West Calder said that her beloved Mr Pops was found to have his tail shredded at around 5.30am on Wednesday April 10, reports Edinburgh Live.

The furious owner, who also cares for five other cats and two dogs, says before the incident that Mr Pops was a happy and healthy one-year-old but now he will not leave the home or visit their garden without Debora watching over him.

Debora claims the vet told her that the injury was sustained by a glue trap like device and she says the outcome may have been much worse.

She wanted to raise the alarm as there are dozens of cats in the area and worries a glue trap could claim another victim.

“He is just a baby,” Debora said.

“Cats have free roam and I understand some people do not like them but there are more humane ways of keeping them off your property.

“I woke up at 5.30am to feed my cats and dogs when I noticed that Mr Pops was badly injured. When I looked closer it looked like someone had taken a knife to his tail.

“I took him to the vet and they agreed that they injuries looked consistent with a glue trap. These devices are barbaric, they rip the skin off of animals and are used to kill small rodents.

Mr Pops returned home with a nasty injury on his tail.
Mr Pops returned home with a nasty injury on his tail. -Credit:Edinburgh Live

“If he had become stuck on his side then it could have been so much worse. He is an outdoor cat but he has lost all of his confidence and needs me watching over him when he goes in the garden.

“I contacted the police but they said that glue traps are legal and that there was nothing that they could do. I am devastated and have been crying since Wednesday.

“I was left disabled 9 years ago and my life revolves around my pets as I am unable to work. I would give my life for them, they are my world.

“I have not been able to sleep since Wednesday, I just worry this might happen to someone else’s cat. Mr Pops had a rough start to life and my heart just breaks for him.

“He is the nicest, most loving cat. Even a rat does not deserve to be targeted like that.”

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