Scott Disick’s “New Girlfriend” Lindsay Vrckovnik Has A Boyfriend Back Home In Canada!

As fast as Scott Disick and Lindsay Vrckovnik have sparked dating rumours, after being spotted partying and cuddling up in fur coats together, Lindsay herself has extinguished them!

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This photo that shows Scott, 32, with his arm draped around Lindsay, 18, posing in fur coats and sunglasses (as you do) in a Miami hotel bathroom was posted to social media but was quickly deleted.

Why? You might ask – Well, Scott’s rumoured teen girl has reportedly denied claims that the pair are dating because… she has a boyfriend (PLOT TWIST)!

According to TMZ, Lindsay has insisted that she has never “hooked up” with Scott and that they have just been hanging out together but since the rumour mill started up, she’s had trouble convincing her ACTUAL boyfriend that that is the case.

The pictures that have surfaced and are currently doing the rounds have apparently caused an issue between the young couple but Linds has been defending her corner by claiming that the sexy snaps are “misleading”.

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Kourtney Kardashian’s ex was first spotted with the blonde beauty a week ago, as they left Trump Soho in New York together and made a further stop at the famous 10AK nightclub before finishing their night of partying at Soho House, only seeing the light of day as they exited at dawn.

Next, the pair were sighted in Miami, taking a break from their wild behaviour to stock up on their Vitamin D at a beach in Miami. Apparently, Scott just tagged along with Lindsay and her friends to each of these destinations…

Although, interestingly, Lindsay is claiming to her boyfriend (the Canadian one) that she only met Scott last week, whereas other sources say that they hung our together at a party in Malibu back in July.

The plot thickens…

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Meanwhile, Scott’s ex Kourtney seems to be responding well to the news of the couple’s blossoming friendship/romance, as she posted a photo on Twitter looking extremely happy as she begun her morning hike on Monday.

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“Kourtney surprisingly isn’t fazed by this at all. She’s moving on. She knows it’s just a fling,” a source told Entertainment Tonight.

“She’s trying hard to ignore it and just focus on the kids. She knows they’ll never get back together.”

It seems that the reality television star has everything under control, especially if her latest social media posts are anything to go by…

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Well, if the crown fits, eh Kourts?