Scott Manners, Veteran Talent Agent and Artists & Representatives Founder, Dies at 68

Longtime talent agent Scott Manners, known for his founding and development of the Artists & Representatives talent agency, has died. He was 68.

Manners died on Friday, surrounded by family in Los Angeles, after a brief battle with ALS, according to a statement from Artists & Representatives.

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“Through the years, we have all been moved by his mission to brilliantly represent the artists who bring our society closer to love,” the statement continued. “It was his life’s work to make a difference every day and change lives for the better.”

Manners founded his agency, then called Stone Manners, more than three decades ago. It was renamed twice; first to Stone Manners Salners after Glenn Salners became a partner in 2010, and then to Artists & Representatives in 2019 when the company added more partners and expanded to New York City.

“The people who succeed and do not push on to a greater failure are the spiritual middle class,” Eugene O’Neill said in the statement. “The man who pursues the mere attainable should be sentenced to get it — and keep it. Let him rest on his laurels and enthrone him in a Morris chair, in which laurels and hero may wither together. Only through the unattainable does man achieve a hope worth living and dying for — and so attain himself.”

The agency’s statement continued by saying that “it’s difficult to find the words to express our gratitude for the influence he’s had on each of us … Scott never ceased pushing for his next ‘unattainable’ after each victory, all while inspiring hope and passion in everyone who knew him.”

At Artists & Representatives, Manners represented actors Alex Mandell (A Good Person), Reza Salazar (Inside Amy Schumer) Kevin William Paul (Bottom of the 9th) and more.

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