Scott Mills’ Best Music Festival Anecdote Includes Sam Smith And Naked Grace Jones... - EXCLUSIVE

If you are anything like us then you would have been counting down the weeks, days and seconds until this year’s Virgin Media V Festival ever since… Well, ever since last year’s one finished.

And the good news is we are totally not alone, with Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills also admitting that it is one of his absolute fave times of the year when we caught up with him for an exclusive chat earlier today.


Scott, who is a self-proclaimed “Long term V Festival-goer” was full of praise for the event, which boasts headliners Calvin Harris and Kasabian this year, dishing: “It’s one of the best one, it’s always a nice crowd and I go to the Essex one, which is near to my house.

“I’ve been going for about five years now and it’s always one of the ones where you do see a lot of people - there’s even an old pic of me, Niall and Louis from One Direction having a beer and a chat… I don’t think that would happen now, that was maybe five years ago.


“But I do know a few people who are going to be on this year, like Ella Henderson and Olly Murs, so it’ll be nice to have a catch up with them as well.”

And that’s not all who Scott is looking forward to seeing in Virgin’s swanky Louder Lounge, with the star going on to tell us that he and Sam Smith shared a rather life-affirming moment last time they got together at a music festival, and they kind of need to still discuss it over a drink.



He tells us: “I’m really looking forward to seeing Sam Smith because I met him for the first time about a month ago.

“I went up to him like ‘Hi’, and we were having a chat then literally about a minute into the chat, Grace Jones goes by with no clothes on, hanging off the back of a golf buggy.”

ERM, casual?!


It gets weirder still, with Scott continuing: “She was about to go on stage and as we were talking we saw her out of the corner of our eye and she’s on a golf buggy pretty much naked and she does, like, a growl at Sam.

“She goes: ‘Rawr’, and Sam just goes: ‘Ahh’, and I go: ‘Yes Grace!’ and that was it.”

Well, it certainly beats our dinner party anecdotes…


Still, the moment obviously helped to secure an everlasting friendship between the two men, Scott adds: “Sam messaged me the next day saying, ‘I’m so glad we can share that moment together’, it was definitely a unique moment and definitely better than a ‘Hi, how are you?’

“So thanks, Grace, for making it more interesting. Sam was asking me to stay for one drink but I had to go and I felt like such an idiot because I just turned down a drink with Sam Smith, why would you do that?


“At V hopefully we can finally have that drink and reminisce!”

Sounds like a ruddy brilliant idea to us, babes, and if you fancy inviting us along to the reunion then please feel free.

But failing that, we know that those lovely folk over at Virgin Media have secured free wifi throughout the festival so at the very least we expect an IMMEDIATE selfie.

They have literally thought of everything.

Virgin Media V Festival takes places at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, Essex and Weston Park in Staffordshire on the 22nd-23rd August 2015, and we can’t bloomin’ wait.