Scott Pilgrim anime sees original stars Michael Cera and Anna Kendrick return

The original stars of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, including Michael Cera, Chris Evans and Anna Kendrick, will return to voice the same roles in a new anime series based on the same graphic novels.

Netflix announced the show Scott Pilgrim The Anime on Thursday with the cast from the 2010 film, which is based on books of the same name by Canadian artist Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead – known for playing John McClane’s daughter in 2007’s Live Free Or Die Hard and 2013’s A Good Day To Die Hard – also returns to play Ramona Flowers, the love interest of Cera’s character Pilgrim in the romantic comedy.

In the film, Scott is a slacker and bassist in an Indie band called Sex Bob-omb who must fight Ramona’s seven evil ex-partners to survive and keep seeing her as he also dates Ellen Wong, known for Netflix series Glow, as Knives Chau.

The original adaptation was heavily influenced by video games, featuring characters receiving level-ups and points after defeating enemies.

Rushmore actor Jason Schwartzman, Captain America: The First Avenger’s Evans, Superman Returns star Brandon Routh, New Girl star Satya Bhabha and Good Girls actress Mae Whitman are among those who played antagonists in the movie to come back to their roles.

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Chris Evans is returning to his role in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (Ian West/PA)

Kendrick, known for Pitch Perfect and Up In The Air, will play Stacey Pilgrim.

Her character in the original adaptation was Scott’s sister who is friends with Ramon and has her boyfriends stolen in the movie by her brother’s gay roommate Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells.

Wong, The Newsroom’s Alison Pill, Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson, The White Lotus’s Aubrey Plaza and Succession star Culkin will also do voice work in the Netflix anime.

The series comes from executive producers Edgar Wright – who directed the 2010 film and collaborated with Simon Pegg on Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End – along with O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski.

The show is animated by Science Saru.