Scottish Power customers on alert over £300 compensation

People are going to see their power bills go up by even more - use our gadget to work out by how much
Some Scottish Power customers are in line for compensation. -Credit:PA

Customers with energy giant Scottish Power are being put on alert after the company was ordered to pay some of them compensation because they were overcharged. Around 1,700 customers were paying too much for eight years.

They are now in line for compensation of around £300 each on average. The company said half the amount would be a refund and the other half a "goodwill gesture" after years of overcharging.

Households had been charged at a higher rate than the price cap between 2015 and 2023. All payments will be made automatically to affected customers who will not need to do anything.

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Scottish Power said it was "so sorry that a very small number of our customers were affected by this mistake and faced an increased financial burden". Experts have now reminded households it is important keep track of how much they are paying every month and query any unexpected or unexpected changes to their bills.

Les Roberts, Content Manager at Bionic said the following: “If you've noticed an unexpected increase in your bill, you should investigate the underlying reasons for this change straight away. This could due to the following factors:

  • You have received an estimated bill that is inaccurate

  • Your energy provider has raised their prices

  • You have been charged for the wrong meter

  • Your meter is faulty

  • Your energy supplier has made a mistake and overcharged you

He added: "If you find that your estimated bill is excessively high, take a meter reading and send this to your supplier so they can re-estimate your bill. To ensure that your bills stay accurate, submit a meter reading to your supplier every month.”