Scottish star Laura Anderson says 'I'm fed up hiding the truth' in emotional update

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Laura Anderson -Credit:lauraanderson1x/Instagram

Scottish Love Island star Laura Anderson has made an emotional admission on social media, confessing she's 'tried everything' to make her family work after confirming her breakup with Gary Lucy.

At the age of 34, Laura is the mother to daughter Bonnie - whom she shares with her ex-Gary. She gave birth in September last year.

Laura and Gary have had an on again off again relationship since they first met on Celebs Go Dating back in 2022. They pronounced their split in February 2023, just after Laura had announced she was expecting their first child.

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Interestingly, despite choosing to part ways mutually, Laura let slip that she and Gary had chosen to co-parent their now seven-month-old daughter, even hinting at a possible reunion shortly before the Christmas just gone.

On Sunday, the single mum took to her Instagram to upload an intimate video of her engaging with her toddler, gently supporting Bonnie to stand on her feet. The caption alongside the heartwarming clip read: "One moment you're in the trenches of the newborn and postpartum phase. And then suddenly things click with your new little human and you catch yourself wishing time would stand still.", reports the Mirror.

Following this, some eagle-eyed fans under the comment section raised questions about whether Laura is still with her ex-boyfriend, Gary.

Laura has admitted that she can "no longer" conceal the truth, revealing that she's been raising her daughter single-handedly. She wrote: "I did everything I could to make my family work, fool me. There's no cryptic posts anymore I'm fed up hiding the truth. Is what it is."

The last time Gary was seen with Laura and their daughter was in December when they celebrated Christmas as a family. The photos showed the three of them visiting Santa Claus.

Recently, Laura opened up about the difficulties of being a single parent and her desire to be a good mother to Bonnie. Speaking to the Mirror, she said: "I think it was hard to get my head around initially, it wasn't what I expected. But that's the cards I was dealt in the end. Of course, I'm going to make it work for my child, even more so. I feel like I'm a really good mum, to be honest."

The former flight attendant, who appeared on Love Island in 2018, joked that her little one was her "brainpower". She added: "She's great, your social life does a take a little bit of a backseat but most people, your good friends understand that."

When asked how she balances a busy work schedule with a young child, she credited organisation.