'I scream into a pillow': Princess Eugenie on the struggles of juggling work and family life

Princess Eugenie has two sons credit:Bang Showbiz
Princess Eugenie has two sons credit:Bang Showbiz

Princess Eugenie “tends to scream into a pillow” when the demands of being a working parent gets too “hard”.

The 33-year-old royal wants to set a good example to her and husband Jack Brooksbank’s sons August, two, and Ernest, six months, thanks to her work with her charity the Anti-Slavery Collective – which she set up in 2017 with best friend Julia de Boinville – but she admitted it isn’t easy juggling the needs of her boys with the foundation and her job as a gallery director.

She told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “As for how I juggle it all with family life, it is quite hard.

“I tend to scream into a pillow sometimes.

“My older son, who’s just started talking, does often ask when I’m out of the room on a call or in the office ‘Where’s mummy?’

“But I want them to be able to change the world as they grow up so hopefully I’m setting a good example in that sense.”

Eugenie is also keen not to spend too much time on her phone when she’s with her sons in order to give them her full attention.

She continued: “When I’m with the boys, I try to leave my phone alone as much as I can.

“As with anyone in life, when you’re juggling work or charity or play, something always takes a hit.

“It’s about being realistic and setting boundaries for yourself.

“Jack and I, on weeknights, are very much at home with the children, otherwise you’re constantly running on a hamster wheel.”

And the princess is thankful she can always rely on Julia for support.

She added: “Jules is my co-founder and this is our passion project so we do have full-time jobs to juggle as well.

“If one of us is really busy with work, the other will step up and we have a great team.”