Sean Connery’s ashes scattered across secret Scotland locations

Sean Connery's family embarked on a three-day tour of Scotland to scatter his remains in areas close to his heart - David Cheskin /PA
Sean Connery's family embarked on a three-day tour of Scotland to scatter his remains in areas close to his heart - David Cheskin /PA

Sir Sean Connery’s ashes have been secretly scattered across Scotland to commemorate what would have been his 92nd birthday, it emerged yesterday.

The late actor’s family reportedly embarked on a three-day tour of the country this week to scatter his remains in areas close to his heart.

Although the exact destinations remain unknown, Sir Sean’s son, Jason Connery, also an actor, had previously suggested the city of St Andrew’s, where his father regularly played golf, would be “very fitting”.

On Thursday, the actor’s family and close friends were spotted arriving into Edinburgh aboard a privately hired Royal Scotsman train owned by the Louis Vuitton group.

The tartan-clad entourage, which included Sir Sean’s widow Micheline Roquebrune, were greeted with a bespoke rendition of the Jungle Book’s ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ by a specially hired trombonist as they disembarked.

A source close to the family told the Daily Record: “Micheline walked very slowly arm in arm with a relative to her waiting car.

“She was small and petite but very, very glamorous and she was dressed in a beige cream-coloured outfit as if she were going to a wedding.

“Everyone had on some sort of tartan... I thought it was brilliant to see the old-fashioned train and I felt like I was in some sort of movie scene.

“It was all so secretive because it’s all about Sir Sean’s final resting place.”

Sean Connery - Paul Popper /Popperfoto via Getty Images
Sean Connery - Paul Popper /Popperfoto via Getty Images

A fleet of 15 silver, black and burgundy people carriers waited for the 50 or so friends and family exiting at Edinburgh Waverley station.

Saskia Connery, Sir Sean’s granddaughter, was spotted at the Balmoral hotel shortly afterwards wearing a green, blue and red dress.

The 26-year-old amateur photographer posted a photo of herself on Instagram standing outside the hotel’s ladies room sinks.

The group then drove 10 miles outside the city to host a lavish celebration at the 200-year-old Dalmeny House.

Sir Sean’s son Jason and former SNP leader Alex Salmond were believed to be among those at the event.

The James Bond star was a staunch supporter of Scottish independence up until his death in October 2020.

The source also told the Daily Record: “We understand Sir Sean’s ashes were scattered at various different points of importance to him in his life.

“It has all been building up to their final destination which was Edinburgh and Dalmeny yesterday.”

Sir Sean was born and raised in Edinburgh’s Fountainbridge area where he worked as a milkman and trained as an amateur bodybuilder.

After earning world-wide renown for his role as 007 and Oscar-winning performance in The Untouchables he was granted the Freedom of Edinburgh in 1991.

A charity in his name continues to raise funds for causes in Scotland and in his adopted home of the Bahamas, where he spent much of his later life.