Seann Walsh and girlfriend waiting to find out sex of first child

Seann Walsh and his partner will become parents early next year credit:Bang Showbiz
Seann Walsh and his partner will become parents early next year credit:Bang Showbiz

Seann Walsh and his girlfriend Grace Adderley have decided not to find out the sex of their child until they are born.

The comedian - who has just completed a stint on 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' - has admitted he can "only picture" the couple having a son but insisted he'll be happy with a girl or a boy.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, he said: "We've decided not to find out if we're having a girl or a boy until the big day, and I don’t have a preference, but for some reason I can only picture a boy."

The pair's little bundle is due in February.

Meanwhile, the British funnyman also revealed it was Grace who persuaded him to sign up for 'I'm a Celeb...', as he was "so petrified" to do reality TV again after his infamous 'Strictly' snogging scandal.

He told the publication: "Grace said to me, 'This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance'. The adventure itself will make it worthwhile – and she was absolutely right.

He added: "I was so petrified of getting backlash. I'd had such a bad experience with all the things that were said about me last time [I did a reality show], the idea of that happening again was terrifying."

Sean, 36, and professional dance partner Katya Jones, 33, controversially got snapped sharing a kiss despite being in relationships in 2018.

He was subsequently dumped by his then-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries, and the bad experience led to him having panic attacks.

Seann recalled previously recalled having to "lie down in the street" after suffering a massive attack.

He said last year: "From that point on, my life changed forever. The panic attacks came back – big panic attacks and I ended up having what I later found out were Vertigo Seizures.

"I had one the other day, I just lied down – I had to lie down in the street, it’s quite humiliating. It’s London so nobody gives a s***. I have to relive what happened.

"Still, I can be OK then suddenly the memories of it all come back. It defeats me and beats me until the plates start spinning and I lose balance, fall and start screaming. I still get them."

Seann admits the kissing incident "destroyed his dreams".

Speaking on the 'Take Flight' podcast, he added: "A kiss and a statement destroyed my dreams and who I was. What I could have been, what my life could have been, what I could have made myself was gone."

The comedian previously admitted he has had to "do a lot of growing up" over the past few years.

He explained: "You have to learn to like yourself. As a comedian you are going out there and you are looking for the love of strangers.

"I went on 'Strictly Come Dancing' and instead of the love of strangers I got the hate of strangers.

"And so you come out of that thinking, 'I can't be looking for the love of strangers any more.' I have to just like myself.

"I still want to make millions of people laugh, but there has to be a separation. I have to accept what I did wrong, understand that, but also forgive myself.

"There is pre-'Strictly' me and there is post-'Strictly' me, they are closely related, but I had to change."