Sebastian Rogers’ parents meet with investigators as questions mount five weeks into search for missing teen

The parents of Sebastian Rogers met with investigators on Thursday, as the search for the missing Tennessee teenager is now in its fifth week.

The 15-year-old, who has autism, vanished overnight on 25 February and has not been seen since.

As the search rumbles on, his father Seth Rogers, mother Katie Proudfoot and stepfather Chris Proudfoot all met with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on Thursday.

Mr Rogers told a local reporter that he could not share what was discussed but that he came away from the meeting feeling positive.

Fox 17 reporter Kaitlin Miller had asked him if the meeting had given him hope.

“Oh I always have hope. Can’t take that away from me,” Mr Rogers said, adding that he believes his son is playing video games somewhere and has no idea about the ongoing search for him.

“I don’t know if he’s been abducted or if he’s just over at a friend’s house, but I’ll know when I find him exactly what has happened to him.”

Sebastian Rogers has been missing for over a month. (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)
Sebastian Rogers has been missing for over a month. (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

Wearing a t-shirt with his son’s face on, Mr Rogers said that he is continuing to search day-in, day-out for him.

“This right here is my own billboard to find my son,” Mr Rogers said of his clothing. “People notice what people are wearing, so I am a walking handout.”

Questions have been mounting over the past few weeks as to how Sebastian could have disappeared without a trace from his mother’s home in Hendersonville.

Earlier this week, Ms Proudfoot said she believed someone must be holding her son captive.

She and Mr Proudfoot were criticised for leaving their home in their RV, while his whereabouts remain unknown.

They told Nancy Grace that they did so in order for Mr Proudfoot to return to work.

However they also said they had to leave due to threats being made against them.

Mr Rogers was asked if he believed the pair were suspects at all in Sebastian’s disappearance.

“I have no idea,” he said, after a pause.

None of the parents have been accused by law enforcement of having any involvement in Sebastian’s disappearance and no charges have been filed.

One of the big talking points around the night of Sebastian’s disappearance has been the appearance of lights on a doorbell camera close to the house, with theories that this was the boy or his abductors leaving.

Mr Rogers said that this is nonsense and the lights were in fact trash collectors.

He also said that there are no signs that the 15-year-old had been speaking to anyone suspicious on his cellphone and no indication that he was planning to run away.

While “keyboard warriors” continue to post online and raise suspicions about him and the Proudfoots, Mr Rogers said he remains focused on searching for his son.

“I’m hoping for an Easter miracle,” he added. “I could definitely use it in my life right now.”