Have your say: Will there be a second UK national lockdown?

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Have your say: Will there be a second UK national lockdown?

Following the introduction of new coronavirus laws, the prime minister has hinted that he would impose another national lockdown if cases spike.

With the ‘rule of six’ already in place, and tighter restrictions enforced in the north-east of England this week, Boris Johnson refused to soften his stance on tackling the virus.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Johnson insisted he would not “let the virus take its course” as it could mean a high death toll.

Hinting at tougher measures if necessary, he said: “No matter how impatient, how fed up we may become, there is only one way of doing this.”

Johnson said coronavirus remained a “national threat and a national challenge” and warned that he would “bear down on the virus where we need to do that most”.

Chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance added: “We don’t have this under control at the moment. There’s no cause for complacency.”

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