Security Booed by Football Fans as Staff Confisssscate Beer Snake

Football fans attending a minor league XFL game at Washington’s Audi Field on February 19 copiously booed security after staff broke the “beer snake” that spectators were building from empty cups in the stands.

Ethan Ricks recorded the moment when the snake, built by DC Defenders fans as a tradition, he said, was dismantled by security staff wearing yellow jackets. The crowd then started booing as plastic beer cups flew in the air.

Ricks told Storyful that the beer snake “always gets everyone super hyped.”

He added that security’s intervention “started a war,” leading to the section throwing lemons onto the field.

The disruption did not affect the game, which saw the DC Defenders beat the Seattle Sea Dragons 22-18. Credit: Ethan Ricks via Storyful

Video transcript