Security Camera Catches Momma Bear's Attempt to Get Into Car in North Carolina

Security footage from a home in Asheville, North Carolina, captured a momma bear’s attempt to get into a parked vehicle on May 17.

Footage recorded off David Oppenheimer’s security camera shows the bear initially try to open the car door with her teeth, and then with one of her paws. The attempts, however, were futile, and motion-triggered lights prompted the momma bear and her accomplice cub to flee the scene, Oppenheimer said.

“The door handle was undamaged,” Oppenheimer told Storyful of the attempted break-in. “There is mild scratching, and there was a little bit of mud on the handle.”

Oppenheimer, who has already had a close encounter with a bear at his home, added that “this bear and her cub are regulars here at night.” Credit: David Oppenheimer via Storyful

Video transcript