See if you could pass a GCSE maths exam with our quick quiz

Try our Maths quiz
Try our maths quiz -Credit:PA

GCSEs will be happening soon across the country, which might make you curious if you could pass the examinations today. According to regulator Ofqual, GCSEs will be held between May 9 and June 25 in 2024.

Whether you took your maths GCSE five or even 30 years ago, you can take our quiz to find out if you'd be able to pass it now. Of course, it won't be the same as being in the big silent hall with invigilators walking around!

In real GCSE conditions, pupils have to sit four-and-a-half hours of exams. Ninety minutes of this is a paper where students aren’t allowed calculators.

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To make things even harder, unlike the quiz below, the actual exam isn't multiple-choice. Our quiz will still give you an idea of some of the questions students in England and Wales are expected to answer.

Ready, set, maths! Give the quiz a go below, and if it doesn't show up properly for you, you can view it here. It is timed and you only have two lives.

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