See the INCREDIBLE Pride cake A'ja Wilson gave her Las Vegas Aces teammates

A'ja Wilson
A'ja Wilson

There are so many ways to celebrate Pride, but Las Vegas Aces player A'ja Wilson's method might just...take the cake.

Teammate Sydney Colson recently shared a series of Pride snaps to her Instagram, including one of an incredibly gay cake, which she credited to "Ally @aja22wilson."

The cake was pink with rainbows, disco balls, glittery scissors, and a hilariously clear message: "Hooray You Gay."

After Colson's post, Wilson shared the image to her Instagram stories and elaborated on how it came to be.

"Every year I get my prideful teammates a cake for pride month," she wrote. "this years cake was top tier and straight to the point for em."

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The bluntness of the message had fans screaming — and wondering why their straight friends weren't celebrating Pride month in the same way.

Wilson has gained a bit of a reputation for going above and beyond to celebrate her teammates. She made headlines a few weeks back for presenting gifts to rookie player Kate Martin (who recently debuted her girlfriend on social media) for her birthday, and last year, coach Becky Hammon publicly praised how she treats the other players.

"If it's somebody's birthday, she decorates their locker," she told ESPN. "For Pride, she brought in a huge rainbow cake that said, 'Go Gays!' She wants to be an ally, a friend. She wants every one of her teammates to feel they are loved and cared about."

At least that solves the mystery of one previous year's Pride month cake. But we're definitely going to need a full report!