What I need to see at Love Island USA season 6's movie night

 Ariana Madix in a yellow dress in Love Island USA season 6.
Ariana Madix, Love Island USA. | Credit: Ben Symons/Peacock

When fans look back at the Love Island USA season 6 Casa Amor experience, they may remember it as the most explosive Casa Amor in the history of the US franchise. That's saying a lot when you think about all of the antics over the years, including season 5's Leo and his love triangle with Kassy and Johnnie.

The Love Island USA season 6 cast, mainly the men, used Casa Amor as an opportunity to go completely wild, which still has some viewers raging on X (formerly Twitter). Aaron and Kordell, who were in the strongest couples with Kaylor and Serena respectively before Casa Amor, definitely used their time away from their partners to explore connections. While Kaylor and Serena were sleeping outside under the stars with mosquitos nipping at their legs in an effort to respect their men, Aaron and Kordell were smooching and cozying up to new women. Naturally, when Kaylor and Serena got a small clue as to what was going on in the Casa Amor Villa, they were heartbroken.

Now that Casa Amor is over and another recoupling has taken place in the main villa, the lingering effects of that experience are taking their toll on the remaining islanders. Serena is still fuming, Kaylor is often crying, JaNa is trying her hardest not to be a wreck because of Kenny and there's a massive divide among the islanders with OG girls on one side and OG boys and the new girls on the other. There's also a lot of unsettled business with a few couples only getting murkier with half-truths or complete lies floating around the villa. That's why I'm thankful for Love Island's infamous movie night.

Movie night can set the record straight as to what the boys did in Casa Amor, allowing the girls clarity on whether they should continue to pine away after the boys they've built connections with or sever things for good. Having said that, here's what I need to see shown at movie night and what I'm hoping happens next.

The true nature of Aaron and Daniela's relationship exposed

Kaylor and Aaron talking in Love Island USA season 6
Kaylor and Aaron talking in Love Island USA season 6

I don't think Aaron is a bad person, but he's doing one heck of a gaslighting job on Kaylor. He told Kaylor he and Daniela shared a few kisses, but he minimized how passionate the kisses were. Aaron also hasn't really divulged to Kaylor that he told Daniela, "I already feel like I love you so much," and that the two shared rather intimate conversations. Plus, he did the special handshake he does with Kaylor with Daniela. If Kaylor were to see any of this play out on screen, we doubt she'd be so receptive to welcome Aaron back with open arms, or at the very least she'd hold his feet to the fire.

The full conversation between Aaron and Rob about Daniela

It hasn't sat right with me that after all the time Aaron and Daniela spent together in Casa Amor, Aaron's island bestie Rob coupled up with her to bring her back into the main villa. Rob claims to have an interest in Daniela and vice versa, but the two didn't really connect until the last day of Casa. Additionally, for Rob to claim he cares for Aaron and Kaylor and wants the duo to succeed as a couple, it seems odd he'd bring Daniela to the villa as a constant reminder to Kaylor of what Aaron did behind her back.

I'd appreciate some unseen footage here that helps Rob's line of thinking make more sense. If that doesn't exist, then perhaps some footage to dispel the rumor circulating on social media that Rob brought Daniela back to the main villa for Aaron in case Kaylor doesn't take him back.

The play-by-play interactions between Kordell and Daia

Ariana, Kordell and Daia standing in Love Island USA season 6
Ariana, Kordell and Daia standing in Love Island USA season 6

There's a lot of confusion about Kordell and Daia in the villa, which is only fueling Serena's anger toward him. I may be in the minority of wanting to see the two work past this and reunite, but I think that's completely possible if Serena can see for herself what happened. If she can see all the stolen kisses between Kordell and Daia and get the truth behind the alleged "dry humping," while probably painful to watch, Serena can get the full picture of Kordell's Casa Amor deeds. I think part of Serena's anger is not knowing for sure what he did, so clearing up some of the uncertainty could possibly ease some tension.

Additionally, I want to see all the moments Kordell expressed his feelings for Serena while in Casa Amor. In all the chaos of the fallout from what happened, I don't think an accurate image has been painted of him saying how much he missed Serena and the guilt he felt kissing Daia. Perhaps if Serena sees he was thinking about her in some capacity while separated, that could spark a conversation between her and Kordell that ends on a more positive note than the discussion at the dock. Again, I really want Kordell and Serena to reunite and win the season.

Kenny's conversations about missing JaNa

Out of all the pre-Casa Amor couples that have fallen out, I think Kenny and JaNa have the best chance of rebounding. She's upset with him thinking his feelings for her aren't real because he coupled up with another woman. However, there were several times when he was away from JaNa in the other villa that he talked about missing her. He even noted despite talking to other women, he kept thinking about JaNa. I have to believe that if she sees that, she may be willing to give Kenny another chance and be open to recoupling with him in the very near future.

Miguel's antics

Sierra and Miguel kissing in Love Island USA season 6
Sierra and Miguel kissing in Love Island USA season 6

Like many people, I'm not the biggest fan of how Miguel moves between the women islanders. While he and Leah were developing a connection before he left for Casa Amor, he seemed to be very eager to forget about her when he cozied up to Sierra. He even brought Sierra back to the main villa, and yet, he expects to pursue both Sierra and Leah at the same time.

Although not happy about him coupling with another girl, Leah seems to still want to date him. As another fan-favorite of the season, I just think if Leah saw how Miguel moved in Casa Amor, she'd opt to find another guy to fall for. With season 5's Harrison on his way into the villa, perhaps he could be that guy.

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