See Newcastle city centre moped menace ride into JD Sports after terrorising pedestrians

A moped menace who terrorised people in Newcastle city centre by riding on pavements even went into a shop on it.

Kavan Conroy showed "disdain, disregard and contempt" for everyone he came into contact with during a prolonged episode of dangerous driving, including down Northumberland Street, where he tried to ride into JD Sports and threatened staff when stopped.

A series of CCTV clips captured Conroy, 21, who had no helmet on and was riding a bike with no registration plate, causing chaos and he verbally abused police officers who tried to stop him. Now he has been jailed after admitting a series of offences, including dangerous driving.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that it was on March 21 this year that the moped was seen driving dangerously in Newcastle by members of the public and police officers. Sophie Johnstone, prosecuting, said: "It bore no licence plate and drove erratically and illegally. There are 26 pieces of CCTV of him driving dangerously.

"He was riding on pedestrian pavements on Blackett Street, on Northumberland Street, which is a pedestrianised zone and he also rode on the wrong side of the road.

Kavan Conroy, jailed for offences including dangerous driving
Kavan Conroy, jailed for offences including dangerous driving -Credit:Northumbria Police

"The rider gave verbal abuse to police officers and he was seen wearing no helmet and with a pillion passenger. While on Northumberland Street, attempts were made to drive into the JD Sports shop and he threatened the manager, calling her a divvy and he threatened her by saying "watch what happens" and saying he would come back and commit a robbery."

He then launched a "tirade of verbal abuse" at two officers at the entrance to Eldon Square before trying to ride off but stalling. Conroy, of no fixed address, who only had a provisional licence and was under the influence of drink or drugs, was taken to the RVI and while there, he verbally abused an elderly member of the public, the court heard. He then kicked a police officer in the face while in a police van.

Conroy, who has 27 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, threatening behaviour, having no insurance, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and assaulting an emergency worker. He was locked up for 11 months and banned from driving.

Recorder Simon Eckersley told him: "Within that spate of offending you, over a number of hours, treated everyone you came across - road users, members of the public, store workers, people in hospital, people on buses and members of the police force with complete disdain, disregard and contempt.

"Your riding of that vehicle was really rather dangerous, riding in the city centre. Various members of the public were sufficiently concerned to notify the authorities. Your behaviour and language to those who had the misfortune of coming across you was disgraceful."

Annalisa Moscardini, defending, said: "He had a difficult childhood and a car accident which caused a serious head injury."

She added that he is "ashamed" but that "fortunately he was not going at high speeds and no one was hurt".