See Northumberland killer bragging of inflicting 'street justice' then being arrested in hotel

Video footage shows killer Jake McIntyre bragging of inflicting "street justice" on his victim while complaining of having to change his car to hide from police.

McIntyre has been convicted of the manslaughter of Andrew Peart but was cleared of murder by jurors at Newcastle Crown Court. He attacked the 39-year-old in a road rage incident in Guide Post, Northumberland, after Andrew stepped out in front of his car.

What began as a minor altercation ended in Andrew suffering a fatal head injury from which he later died. Northumbria Police have now released footage of amateur martial artist McIntyre in a BMW the day after the attack, along with body worn camera footage of his arrest in the Lake District.

In a video selfie made on August 23, McIntyre said: "I tell you what, it's a f****** nightmare this f****** hiding from the police, having to change my f****** car again for giving some little crack head street justice".

A further video showed his Mitsubishi Shogun parked next to a white BMW and he made reference to "gannin in disguise since giving some crack head street justice".

Then, in a voice note, in an alleged reference to the Shogun, he said: "I'm not using it for a while because the police are potentially looking for it because I wrapped a f****** pole around a little crack head's head last night".

In a further voice note, McIntyre said he beeped his horn and claimed "he started being cheeky" and said he "wanted a gan so I said I'm not going to let you down if you want a scrap". He claimed he saw him pick something up off the ground and "I thought it's either me or him and it's definitely not going to be me".

McIntyre, 28, of Stakeford Crescent, Stakeford, Ashington, will be sentenced once pre-sentence reports have been compiled.