Watch our General Election debate as politicians clash over the big issues affecting Wales

WalesOnline has hostedng a debate between senior politicians from the three largest political parties in Wales today, Monday, June 24. Click above to hit play and watch as representatives of the Conservatives, Labour and Plaid Cymru go head-to-head.

With the election just 10 days away, this is an opportunity to see what the parties have to say on the issues affecting you. Our debate will involve senior representatives of the three parties who currently have seats in Wales. These will be:

  • David TC Davies - Conservatives

  • Jo Stevens - Labour

  • Liz Saville-Roberts - Plaid Cymru

It was broadcast on our Facebook page and hosted by our Welsh Affairs Editor Will Hayward.

There have been a variety of debates in this election campaign featuring representatives of many different parties. There are strong arguments for all the different permutations. . The Lib Dems have a member of the Senedd, the Greens have a candidate for every Welsh seat and Reform just launched their manifesto in Merthyr. We will be detailing all of the parties' policies and pitches to Wales through our wider coverage on WalesOnline

But we have limited this debate to just those parties who currently have seats in Wales and who the polls suggest are most likely to win seats this time around. This gave time for us to get more into the nitty gritty of the debate and hopefully gave our readers more clarity rather than the superficial soundbites that come from a large hustings with lots of candidates shouting to make their voices heard.

We have covered both the Reform and Welsh Green Party manifesto launches and will be covering the Welsh Liberal Democrat manifesto this week.