'You can see straight away why the setting of one of Wales' best pubs is so special'

The Bull's Head Inn in Beaumaris is full of character
A picturesque haven on the east of the island -Credit:David Powell

It was a scintillatingly sunny day when I arrived in this picturesque haven on the east of the island, just along the coast from the Menai Suspension Bridge. With an Anglesey pub named among the best eight in Wale, a North Wales Live reporter felt it was only fitting to check out The Bull's Head Inn in Beaumaris to see why it is so highly-rated - here's what he had to say.

The Bull's Head Inn has been included in the 2024 National Pub and Bar Awards - which recognises the best in each county of the UK. The pubs were chosen after "demonstrating excellence across a number of elements that affect the customer journey, including design, service, style of offer, marketing and investment". As I reached The Bull's Head Inn I could see from the setting it was special.

I parked on the grassy car park near the ferris wheel and reckoned I needn't have booked as it was a Tuesday lunchtime. Silhouettes of bulls protruding from the facade are visible as you walk along Castle Street to leave you in no doubt where to go. Inside I saw a few diners in the restaurant but went to the bar as it wasn't table service.

I say "restaurant" but it looked more like a Victorian parlour. There was a Chesterfield-style bench, elegant chairs and small tables, like card tables, for an intimate meal. Floral, tassled lampshades were dotted about, with huge candlesticks and little lights in the ceiling. For the latest restaurant reviews, sign up to our food and drink newsletter here

Shelves were lined with blue and white patterned plates - which may have been creamware - pewter tankards, jugs and plants in vases. Prints of sailing ships lined the walls. It all created a lovely mishmash of knick knacks to catch the eye and give the place character. You could almost imagine a scene from an Oscar Wilde play in which Lady Bracknell might emerge from behind an aspidistra.

After perusing the menu I ordered The Bull's Head Inn burger with chunky, thick-cut chips and found a table in the restaurant. It was fairly tasty and well-cooked. It came in a toasted brioche bun with smoked cheddar, gem lettuce and tomato with a "house burger sauce". It also had a delicious slaw which with the thick-cut chips gave a pleasing range of textures.

I was pretty full but ploughed gamely on to the irresistible rhubarb and apple crumble as it came with "lashings of custard". It came in a charming little two-handled pot.

The crumble was light and there were generous pieces of apple with sweet rhubarb. The lashings were available but I didn't need them. (On another day I could have had a specialty - Menai mussels in cider cream sauce on a sourdough bloomer). As for the service, I was asked several times by the professional, attentive staff if the meal was OK which it certainly was.

Enjoy The Bull's Head Inn Burger, a 6oz chuck steak burger served in a toasted brioche bun with smoked cheddar and thick-cut chips
Enjoy The Bull's Head Inn Burger, a 6oz chuck steak burger served in a toasted brioche bun with smoked cheddar and thick-cut chips

Afterwards, I walked through to the back and found yet more tables and a beer garden with customers sunning themselves while sipping a glass of something nice. It looks like someone had invested heavily to create a characterful gastro hub with carefully chosen features.

I even met the man who varnishes the huge, external, wooden door - the largest, single-hinged one in the UK, I understand. Good luck with that!

So had The Bull's Head Inn "demonstrated excellence"? I think so. Representatives from The Bull's Head Inn and the UK's other county winners - all chosen in these annual awards by organisers The Pub and Bar magazine - will gather for a grand final in London on June 26 where regional winners will be chosen.

Location: The Bull's Head Inn, Castle Street, Beaumaris LL58 8AP. Ring 01248 523132

Food: Tasty and well-presented

Service: Attentive and helpful

Atmosphere: Refined and classy

Bill: The Bull's Head Inn Burger (£17.50), Rhubarb and apple crumble with custard (£8.00), latte (£3.95) and Britvic orange juice bottle (£3.50). Total: £32.95

Verdict: Definitely worth a visit